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Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind Newsletter

Issue Date: February 15, 2003

Inside this issue:

> TAKING BACK CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE -Claiming Your Power to Choose-

TAKING BACK CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE -Claiming Your Power to Choose-

"You must have the consciousness for that which is desired. Without the consciousness, it cannot come to you. With the consciousness, it must come." - John Randolph Price in The Success Book

As you know, I talk to a lot of people and so many these days are feeling that their life is out of control mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. People are losing jobs, aren't earning the income they'd thought they would this month, don't know where the rent money is coming from for next month, are experiencing health problems, are experiencing some intense emotional ups and downs, and the list goes on. There seems to almost be a heightened awareness of or sensitivity to changes that are going on in our lives and the world around us.

Yes, there is a lot of talk of war, there is a lot of talk of conflict, there is a lot of talk about potential warfare on the home front, there is a lot of talk about economic challenge, and yet I'm going to tell you that it is your choice as to what reality you experience. Peace and harmony, or war and conflict. The choice is yours, and war is not inevitable.

If this has been your experience lately, let's try to nip this is in the bud before you move from feeling out of control to acting out of control. My focus for many years now has been on guiding people to understand that they are in control of their lives and helping them to take back control. Many people feel they have lost the power of choice and that life is just happening without any participation from them. This is a reminder for some of you, but that is a victim consciousness that does not support you in taking control of your life and creating what you desire and deserve. In the past, when I've talked about the way millionaires think, the attitude that's consistent is that millionaires take responsibility for everything that happens in their lives. There is no such thing as a millionaire victim.

Responsibility is the ability to respond to life around you. It's not a burden it's a privilege and an opportunity that we can take advantage of when we move out of the victim consciousness. We are, in fact, creating everything we are experiencing whether it's conscious or unconscious.

I'm going to use myself as an example here to illustrate the point. When I was a young girl, I learned that if I was sick I had a chance to escape from life and the chaos around me. Living in a dysfunctional, often violent, home gave me the perfect opportunity to play this out. Sometime in elementary school around the third grade, I began to develop fevers. The school I went to would send me home if I had a fever, so my mother began to take my temperature almost every morning. Both of my parents worked, so I had a "time out" from life when I stayed home alone. It was glorious. Actually, it got to the point where my fevers were so predictable that I used to help them along. If I wanted a day off, I would get up early, boil water, and drink it just before my mother got up. Then, I would take my temperature and show her the thermometer so I could stay home. What I learned through this was that by being "sick" I was allowed to take time off. In the house I grew up in, no one understood needing a break or a time out but they respected sick. This "knowing" has been a way of my operating through much of my life. I was sick continuously throughout my second marriage as a way to escape from the life I was living.

I don't get sick often now. Usually when I do, it's an indication that I haven't been taking care of myself. Last week, I got sick in the midst of a lot of tension and stress related to business. Specifically, the stress related to the internet marketing company that I had been working with and the search to find a new company to move forward with. In retrospect, I can see that I felt I needed a "time out" and I took it by allowing my body to become ill. In other words, I got exactly what I chose to experience. As soon as I decided I didn't need that experience, the sickness went away to a large degree only lingering enough to allow myself to have the "permission" to play for three days in a row. Can I tell you that when I was playing I didn't feel sick at all?

Let's look at another example. Yes, let me go straight to the internet marketing company, owned and operated by men, that sent out a letter under my name without my approval or authorization. My underlying belief for a long time has been that I can't trust men and that they don't listen to me.

This has played out in a number of ways. In this particular case, the interactions I had completely validated my belief system, or my choice. Most importantly, as I looked back at my conversation notes, there was a point in time where I knew things weren't going right and I overlooked the warning signals because I received the verbal assurance from the man in charge that everything was going perfectly. I wasn't paying attention to my own inner guidance and I allowed the words I wanted to hear to allow me to trust when I should have been questioning. As a follow up to this scenario, I want to reassure you that I AM listening to myself more now, and more importantly I am trusting my instincts. I am also making a conscious choice that the men in my life are people who respect and admire me, and are people I can trust.

What you think leads to your feelings, your feelings lead to your actions, and your actions lead to the results you experience in life. If you don't like the results in your life, clean out the closet of your mind to remove the emotional triggers that are creating the "out of control" feelings, or fear, in your life. Fear can be paralyzing, stopping us from taking any action at all. All of your fear reactions are based on thoughts that you have associated with an emotional response. I'm going to encourage you to take control of your thoughts even more so than ever before!

Every moment of every day you are either attracting success, peace, and happiness or repelling them based on your thoughts. Remember, you mind can work for you or against you. Consciously choose to have a successful, peaceful, happy, healthy experience.

Okay, so some of you out there might be asking: is it really that easy? The answer is no. It's simple, but I'm not saying it's easy. Consciously choosing to focus your thoughts on powerful, positive images is not the easiest thing to do when there's so much energy and attention on some of the negatives in the world. But I can tell you that what you focus on, what you give attention to grows and expands in your life. What you ignore, or don't pay attention to, is certain to fade away from lack of attention.

As Wallace G. Wattles says in "The Science of Getting Rich", "And to think what you want to think is to think TRUTH, regardless of appearances. Every individual has the natural and inherent power to think what he wants to think, but it requires far more effort to do so than it does to think the thoughts which are suggested by appearances. To think according to appearances is easy; to think truth regardless of appearances is laborious and requires the expenditure of more power than any other work we are called upon to perform. There is no labor from which most people shrink as they do from that of sustained and consecutive thought. It is the hardest work in the world. This is especially true when truth is contrary to appearances."

Here are some tips to help you if any of this rings a bell for you now:

1. First of all, remember that when your body is sick, your mind is sick. We don't have the same mental or physical resources to ward off negative thinking when we are challenged by an illness. I ignore most of what my mind is telling me when I'm sick and just focus on thoughts like "I am healthy", "Everything I need to heal is being provided to me", "I deserve to be healthy". Then, I take the action to support these beliefs: rest when you need to, eat well, drink lots of fluids, and nurture yourself.

2. If you're still reading the newspapers and watching television news, greatly reduce it or eliminate it all together. The news is stirring up a lot of fear-based stories and emotions right now. If you want to be full of fear, watch it. If you want to be more peaceful, don't. It's your choice. Trust me, if something really earth-shattering happens someone will let you know. Better yet, try reading an inspirational book or listening to a meditation tape that will support you in feeling more comfortable, calm, and empowered.

3. Stop blaming others. Remember, when you're pointing a finger at someone else there are three pointing back at you. Take responsibility for what you can change and accept what you can't. It's often helpful to remember the words of Reinhold Niebuhr, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference."

4. Stop complaining. What you focus on expands and what you don't pay attention to dies from neglect. If you're complaining, your focus is on what you've decided (another action of your mind) is wrong in your life. You're certain to draw more of the same to you. Even more compelling, because like attracts like, you'll be drawing other people to you who are complaining, too. Break the cycle and choose to focus on what's great in your life, what you have to be grateful for. The shift is dramatic and profound.

5. Get rid of "can't", "don't", "won't", "want", "hope", "will", "if", "try", "but", "not", and "should". "Can't", "don't", and "won't" are self-defeating. Move into the positive by stating what you can and are doing. "Want" and "hope" are words that imply that you're not in control. Use the word "choose". "Will" keeps what you desire in the future. Your goal is to be present in the present, so use the phrase "I am". "Try" and "if" are really telling you that you probably won't do something. They imply failure. Just "do" it, don't debate it or open the door for doubt. "But" is just a word that creates an excuse and negates whatever you said or thought before it. Use the word "and" instead. "Not" is a word that carries something you don't want. If you say, "I will not be angry today", what do you think your mind hears? You've got it. Your mind hears "angry today". Change your words to positive endorsements such as "I am calm peaceful, and at ease with myself and others." "Should" is a judgmental word that tells you somehow you haven't quite measured up. Affirm yourself, don't shame yourself.

While we're at this, lose the word "lose". Remember your subconscious mind wants to protect you so you can survive. So many people "lose" weight and what does the subconscious mind do? It goes out and finds the weight and even adds more to make sure you'll never "lose" it again! Gain freedom, release, let go of, but don't lose something. You'll be sure to draw it right back to you.

6. Last, but certainly not least, take extremely good care of yourself. Get enough rest. Drink enough water. Eat regular, balanced, healthy meals. Exercise at least four times a week. Have fun! Reach out to others to make sure they have a good day (it's the best way to make sure you have one!). Spend some time in nature. Light a candle. Read an inspiring book. Listen to your body and tend to its needs. Be gentle with yourself.

Remember that the one thing we are guaranteed in life is change. Whatever you're experiencing, whether you see it as good or bad, WILL change. Make the choices today that will create positive changes in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.

With warm wishes,
Debbie Friedman, C.Ht.


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You can contact Debbie Friedman, C.Ht. at info@cleaningoutthecloset.com or contact her directly at (310) 230-0872. Send this newsletter to all your friends, family and associates! Your friends can subscribe to the Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind newsletter by visiting www.cleaningoutthecloset.com. Your subscription email address will be kept in the strictest confidence. We do not release or share information to any third parties. The contents of this newsletter may be copied, reproduced, or freely distributed for all non-profit purposes without the consent of the author as long as the author's name and contact information are included. All contents

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© 2004 Debbie Friedman, C.Ht., All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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