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Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind Newsletter

Issue Date: March 15, 2003

Inside this issue:



Are you ready to manifest true wealth and success in 2003?

Whether we know it or not, whether we like it or not, we are continuously manifesting all aspects of our lives through our thoughts and our feelings. What we focus on, what we give great emotional feeling to, begins to be created in the Universe to support our intentional or unconscious desires.

Manifesting is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "the act, process, or an instance of manifesting". Itıs also defined as "a public demonstration of power and purpose", which is by far my favorite. In other words, you have the power to bring forth into your life whatever you choose with purpose.

Think of it as ordering from the Cosmic kitchen of the Universe. When you go into a restaurant, you donıt want to tell the waiter that you want "food". Most of us are much more definite than that. In fact, we generally donıt hesitate to tell the waiter exactly what we want, how we want it, and when we want it. We donıt just tell the waiter we want a "salad"; weıll specify that we want a chopped Chinese Chicken salad with dressing on the side, no bread, and water plain, no ice. Last weekend I went to a restaurant with a friend and told the waitress I was really hungry ­ to bring the food as quickly as she could. Before we knew it, food was in front of us exactly as weıd ordered it. Your order may be different, but you get the idea.

The same is true for the Universe. If we are conscious about our choices and use the power that has been given to us, we can manifest the life of our dreams. Regardless of what may be happening in the lives of others, each of us has the power to create the reality of our own lives. We simply need to place our order, certain that we are very clear about what we want, and know that what we have ordered will be delivered to us.

If, however, we are unconscious in our choosing, we may be unpleasantly surprised to find that our thoughts and emotions have produced quite a different reality.

The practical dilemma for many of us is that we don't know how to use the power that we have. Or we may only think we know how to manifest. By not manifesting properly, or losing faith if it doesn't happen quickly enough, we sabotage the manifesting. We canıt allow our thoughts to focus on what we donıt have, what we donıt see, and what we donıt want.

It's like turning on a faucet. You want to keep the water running so you can stay in the flow. The process of manifesting accelerates to the point that it takes very little effort and very little thought to get what you choose in life.

More importantly, time is speeding up and the veil between dimensions is getting thinner so we are manifesting sometimes at lightning speed. What you give focus, emotional energy, and power to, can appear in your life before you realize it. The key here is what we focus on and what we choose to experience.

Ask yourself now; are you manifesting all the health, wealth, success, and prosperity that you want in your life? Look around you and youıll know at least part of the answer.

More than ever NOW is the time to learn how to use your powers rightly, wisely, and productively. NOW is the time to begin to use consciously what you might have been using unconsciously in the past. NOW is the time to create the life you desire and deserve!

I've experienced this dramatically in my life many times. I'd like to share a few examples to give you a moment to reflect on your own lives. Three years ago I wanted to have a certain type of bodywork done, but it was too expensive for me to afford (or so I thought at the time). I held that vision of wanting to be able to experience this. Ultimately I did! Here's the catch, though. I was in a car accident and "got" to have the bodywork as a part of my recovery. I also wanted to have some cosmetic surgery at the same time. Do you know how much money I received as a settlement from the accident? JUST enough to pay for both! Everything I was focusing on was manifested in divine right time and order, but not necessarily the way I would have liked it to be created.

Here's something I learned from the experience, though, as Florence Scovel Shinn suggests, I now request that I receive what I desire "under grace in a perfect way," so I don't have to experience a painful experience to receive my desires in this lifetime. I suggest you do the same.

Here's another example. One day, not too long ago, I had a busy day ahead and yet I really wanted to have a day to rest and renew from a string of very long workdays. Want to guess what happened next? Within ONE hour all of my clients called to cancel for the day. The clients rescheduled and I had the day that I really wanted, but it made me more aware of what Iım thinking and how my thoughts are continuously transforming my life.

Here's another more recent one. Last week I was focusing my attention on wanting to experience success in a particular situation. I used the step-by-step process for manifesting and I could see the experience unfolding perfectly. I know that it is going to happen. I felt the joy and the excitement of experiencing the moments. I gave thanks for the experience.

Since it hasn't unfolded completely as of this moment, I can't tell you what it is, but I CAN tell you that the next morning I woke up to an email telling me that a very high-powered, high-profile person ­ the person who can make the experience I chose a reality - had asked to listen to my CD! Needless to say, I shipped it off the next day. I'll keep you posted on this.

In November 2002, I discovered an audiocassette tape that wasn't labeled in my office as I was organizing. Since I always label cassettes when I take them out of the package (I'd go nuts if I didn't!), I began to play the tape. This cassette had a recording of my voice discussing a very precise and ordered process for the secret of success ­ the step-by-step process for manifesting. The recording was impassioned, clear, and definite. The only problem is that I don't ever remember saying the words or hearing the information that was on the tape. I canıt explain how my voice came to say the words, but I do know that there are techniques for energy healing that I would have been using if I'd been conscious of them.

I'm going to share that step-by-step process with you now. Here are some keys to remember first ­ it's simple, but at first it may not be easy. Once you become practiced with this process, you will do it automatically, without even thinking about it. Remember, too, that manifesting successfully lies in the sequence of the step-by-step process. It's like baking a cake or building a house ­ thereıs a certain order and certain ingredients that have to be mixed together to get the results that you want. It's a process of following the recipe or following the instructions. If you leave anything out or decide to change the ingredients, you may not get the same result that others do. You want your house built on a solid foundation and your cake to turn out the way you imagined it.

Most important to remember is that this really works. It really does.


1. Get into a state of spiritual vibration
As a starting point, you need to begin by creating the right environment for success. You have to become ready to transmit the energy of what you choose for your life out into the Universe so that it can respond.

Turn off all phones, beepers, pagers, and go to an area where you can be quiet for a period of time. Find a comfortable place to rest in and support your body completely. A couch or a chair is great. Make sure you're completely supported. Close your eyes and begin by taking several deep breaths to relax your body, calm your emotions, and clear your mind. Feel your body relaxing as you breathe. As you breathe in, breathe in peace. As you breathe out, breathe out any negativity.

Getting into a state of spiritual vibration is really pretty easy, though you may not feel the physical sensations at first. It's generally best to invite whatever force of Universal Energy you choose to surround you. You may call this force God, Buddha, Jesus, Spirit, Life Force, Angels, Higher Power or Divine Presence. Whatever feels right to you, the main purpose here is to connect with the universal spirit of love and light, and to allow that love and light to surround you completely. Remember that the Universe is friendly to you and wants to give you whatever you choose. Know that Spirit is your true source and supply for everything you can possibly desire.

2. Choose what you desire
First of all, know that what you desire has already been chosen for you. You have the desire for a reason, and the desire needs to be expressed in the world. Have you ever noticed some of the choices people make? They're very unique and we all have different tastes in some area of our lives. You may not choose to be an auto mechanic, but other people are deeply passionate and thrilled by this work. On the other hand, not everyone chooses to be an investment banker or work with numbers. We all have a purpose to be fulfilled in life, and our desires are the signs that show us the way of our own path.

Visualize or imagine a white screen in your mindıs eye. See the words "I Choose" in front of you and write out what you choose to experience in your life at the present time in your own handwriting.

Focus on each word and let each word become deeply impressed in your mind. With all of your mind, heart, and soul accept the fulfillment of your desire NOW. Not tomorrow or sometime in the future. Accept all the good that is present for you, all the good that the Universe has for you. Say to yourself "I accept the fulfillment of this desire NOW."

3. Expect the gift
Because the desires you have are for a reason, and because the Universe is friendly to your plans, knowing that you have a special gift to bring into this world, know that your order IS being filled. Because you have accepted the fulfillment of your desire, expect that your order will be fulfilled. Just like in the restaurant, know that what you have accepted is already being prepared in the kitchen and that it will be delivered to you. You don't have to look at the menu anymore, you know what you have chosen, and you know that you are now receiving it.

Love the feeling of having what you have chosen.

4. Visualize what you desire
Visualizing is a key ingredient to manifesting. Look at the white screen in your mind's eye again and begin to run a movie of what you have chosen. See yourself doing, being, having, and enjoying your good in overflowing measure. See yourself being happy, joyous, loving, free, and prosperous. Add color, depth, sound, and texture to your vision. Vision and imagine the greatest and most fulfilling scenes that you can produce in your mind. Feel the excitement of seeing your desire already fulfilled. See it, feel it, taste it, touch it, smell it, sense it, know it. Use all of your senses and let your vision become etched in your mind in detail, knowing that what you are seeing is the present time. Visualizing does two major things: it makes clear what you want down to the smallest details so you can experience it completely and fully, and by visualizing and holding to that vision in your mind you are blocking any opposing views. Don't listen to reports of the world economic conditions, donıt focus on poverty or what's "wrong" in life, donıt listen to people who don't agree with this process. Your success and your prosperity will be the greatest gift you can give them.

In "The Science of Getting Rich" Wallace D. Wattles writes, "Something more is necessary, however, than merely to see the picture clearly. If that is all you do, you are only a dreamer, and will have little or no power for accomplishment. Behind your clear vision must be the purpose to realize it, to bring it out in tangible expression. And behind this purpose must be an invincible and unwavering FAITH that the thing is already yours, that it is "at hand" and you have only to take possession of it. "Live in the new house, wear the fine clothes, ride in the automobile, go on the journey, and confidently plan for greater journeys. Think and speak of all the things you have asked for in terms of actual present ownership. Imagine an environment and a financial condition exactly as you want them, and live all the time in that mental environment and financial condition until they take physical shape."

5. Love what you see
Love is the strongest emotional vibration; nothing is more powerful than the power of love. Allow the power of love to work for you.

As you watch the vision of your desires fulfilled, say to yourself silently "I love what I see." Let all the love you can feel in your heart pour out as you focus on the beautiful images of what you have chosen.

Love the joyous expressions and the happy scenes. Love doing what you love to do. Love being what you want to be. Love having what you want to have. Love the pictures of total fulfillment that you are now seeing within your mind and feeling within your heart.

6. Know your desires are being fulfilled
Here you move beyond "believing" and into the knowing that what you desire is being fulfilled. This is the certainty that makes all the difference. Say to yourself silently, "Let there be total fulfillment now". Allow yourself to receive everything that you desire. Your faith in the loving givingness of the Universe is powerful. Know, with certainty, that your good is coming into visible form and experience. Your good is coming to you by the power of your word. Say to yourself silently now, "It is done and so it is."

In "The Isaiah Effect", Gregg Braden reminds us that, "to create in our world we must first have the feelings of our creation already fulfilled. Our prayers then become prayers of giving thanks for what we have created, rather than of asking that our creations come to pass."

7. Surrender
Now is the time to tap into the power of the Universe and allow Divine Spirit to be the only power at work in your life. Let go and let God. Release your needs and desires. Willingly accept your highest and greatest good. Know that by releasing everything, the whole creative system in the universe is in action in your life and in your affairs. Know that only that which is perfect, plentiful, good, beautiful, loving, peaceful, and joyful is now manifesting in your world.

8. Express Gratitude
Express gratitude for all that you have received. Let your heart overflow with joy and gratitude. Thank God with praise and love. Become thankful for your total fulfillment now.

To quote Wallace D. Wattles again, "Be as thankful for it all the time as you expect to be when it has taken form. The person who can sincerely thank God for the things which as yet he owns only in imagination has real faith. He will get rich. He will cause the creation of whatever he wants."

9. Take the appropriate actions in your world
Move into action in your word as co-creator with your Higher Power. Listen to your inner guides and do what is in front of you to the very best of your ability. Move forward with faith that you are being guided in your daily life.

Don't hesitate or let your "thinking" mind or other peopleıs opinions take you off your path. Do what you feel inspired to do. The guidance will be there. I know there has been times when I've done something that seemed pretty silly at the moment only to find out that it was perfect. When I have a thought to call someone, I call them. Inevitably, they are thinking about me and wanted to connect. When I feel an inspiration to go somewhere I go, only to find out that I needed to meet someone or help someone once I got there. Trust your intuition and trust your guidance. Stay open to the miraculous moments that will be unfolding each and every day. Look forward with anticipation to these miracles and become grateful as they appear in your life.

With prosperity and abundance for all,
Debbie Friedman, C.Ht.


If you havenıt read "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles, I want to make sure you can get a copy easily. Click on the link below and download the book for FREE!

This is a brilliant, easy to read book that will change your thinking about creating wealth forever! It's a book that should be studied, not just read. I read a page each and every morning and continue back through the book ­ from the beginning ­ when I finish. One of my mastermind groups has been reading it together for over a year now and the effect is powerful. You might want to consider reading a page a day with a group of friends to accelerate your success.



The Full Moon is a time when more energy is released to the Earth. It is a time of higher energy and a perfect time to meditate on what you want to manifest in your life. The increased energy will work with you to help bring your desires forward if you take the time to use the process we've discussed. It's a time when your manifesting can be charged and activated quickly.

The energy is building up until the time of the full moon, and then the energy wanes. You can maximize your results by gathering a group together to meditate or focus.

In case you're interested, I will be attending the community Full Moon meditation at 7 p.m. on Monday March 17th. The meditation is being held at the "Onion" or Unity Church located on Haskell Avenue in North Hills. For more information, contact Reverend Dana St. Claire or Reverend Scott Larsen at 818.768.1137. You can also email them at maylaighministries@attbi.com


I will be a featured guest on "The Donna Seebo Show" Tuesday March 25th from 3 ­ 4 p.m. PST! Tune in to KLAY radio, 1180 AM, in the Seattle/Tacoma, Washington area. Donnaıs show is about personal empowerment and I am excited about the opportunity to share my insights and inspirations. You can call in and be a part of the program from anywhere in the country. Call in numbers are (253) 584-1480 or (253) 804-5765 (toll free for callers in Seattle).


What are your greatest challenges? What are your pressing needs? What can I write about and focus on in the upcoming issues of the newsletter that will be most relevant and helpful to you?

I want to make this newsletter as valuable and interesting to you as possible. Please let me know how I can best be of maximum service to you.

You can contact Debbie Friedman, C.Ht. at info@cleaningoutthecloset.com or contact her directly at (310) 230-0872. Send this newsletter to all your friends, family and associates! Your friends can subscribe to the Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind newsletter by visiting www.cleaningoutthecloset.com. Your subscription email address will be kept in the strictest confidence. We do not release or share information to any third parties. The contents of this newsletter may be copied, reproduced, or freely distributed for all non-profit purposes without the consent of the author as long as the author's name and contact information are included. All contents

Copyright İ2003 Debbie Friedman, C.Ht. except where indicated. All rights reserved worldwide.


© 2004 Debbie Friedman, C.Ht., All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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