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Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind Newsletter

Issue Date: July 20, 2003

Inside this issue:

> It's Not What Happens In Life That Counts - It's How You Respond To It!
> Woman #2 Wasn't You!
> Earn Money While Changing People's Lives Introducing The Affiliate Program


Have you ever noticed how life throws surprises at people? One person may see the surprise as a gift and embrace the chance to move through it. Another person may have the same experience and see it as a royal pain in the rear - almost something that life is punishing them with.

When I went to my son's graduation in Oregon, I had a chance to experience the extremes. Since I travel so often, I have a regular driver that takes me to the airport. However, this particular time he got caught up and I had to get a replacement.

I spent 40 minutes on the way to LAX with a man who did nothing but complain and find fault with everything and everyone. He complained about the business their company had lost as a result of SARS and the war. He complained about having to work so hard since business picked up. It was clear that nothing made this man happy - he almost reeked a miserable perfume.

The weather was clear, bright, and sunny, but he was missing the scenery and the beauty of the moment because he was consumed with his own limited vision.

When I arrived in Portland, I was blessed with a shuttle driver who had an amazing perspective. He had been born in Nigeria and was sent to a refugee camp in Kenya. He described the conditions but didn't dwell on them. What he really spoke about, with passion, was the gift he received in being sponsored to come to the United States with his wife and three children.

He also spoke of the transitions in his eleven years here. He worked for five years in a copy shop, drove a cab for six years, and then switched to driving a shuttle because his quality of life improved.

"It's like a rebirth," he said to me. "Everyone is so nice, so calm, peaceful, courteous, considerate, giving, and loving."

This man was a joy to be around and I could see that his life was prospering. A 25-minute ride became a 2 and 1/2 hour trip as we rode through an incredible storm of ice and hail, accidents and closed roads. But this man never once became upset or complained. He is clearly living with an abundance and prosperity consciousness.

These men are living the life they are creating with their thoughts. And like these men, we can choose to live a life that is a dream or a nightmare. It's all in our perspective and what we choose to focus on.

We have opportunities to grow in life. That's a given. Our attitude about what happens and the way we respond is what really counts!

If you find yourself stuck with a limiting belief or negative self-talk, choose to reframe your view, and see things from a different perspective. Take off the blinders that you've been wearing and make a decision to see life from a wider vista. Let go of the "I can'ts" and grab on to the "I cans" in life. Let go of the fear and grab on to the faith that each moment leads you to a wondrous experience. Make a conscious decision to see the gifts, joy, and opportunities to become even more in your life - more of what you came here to be.

Stand up and declare that you choose a life that is full of peace, love, courtesy, consideration, generosity, and love.

And, when you go to Portland, choose the shuttle.

With love and blessings,
Debbie Friedman, C.Ht.

"Gratitude brings more to be grateful about. It increases your abundant life. Lack of gratitude, or complaining, brings little to rejoice about. Complainers always find that they have little good in their life, or they do not enjoy what they do have. The Universe always gives us what we believe we deserve.

Let's spend as many moments as we can every day being grateful for all the good that is in our lives. If you have little in your life now, it will increase. If you have an abundant life now, it will increase. This is a win-win situation. You are happy, and the Universe is happy. Gratitude increases your abundance."
- Louise Hay in Gratitude: a Way of Life


Last month's newsletter caused quite a stir in several circles! If you remember, Woman #2 was someone who asked me why she wasn't creating the success she envisioned in her life. She is successful, talented, and gifted and yet experiencing only limited success. Her dilemma was that she continually refuses help and has firm beliefs about "needing" to do it alone. She didn't trust herself, others, or the Universe help her.

Well, the morning after the newsletter was released, I got three calls in the morning from women asking me if they were Woman #2! That same evening I went to a woman's group that I regularly attend and another woman asked me if she was Woman #2! Standing nearby was a woman who was certain that SHE was Woman #2!

Okay, so at first I felt like I was in a mystical way watching that old show, What's My Line? Does anyone remember that? They gave clues to the person's profession and then the celebrities had to figure out which of the three contestants matched up with the clues.

Obviously the characteristics of my Woman #2 matched up well with many other women (and men, too, I'm sure). The list of people certain they were "it" continued on. Sadly a lot of people identify with that limiting mindset.

Let me clear one thing up - Woman #2 is from another state and doesn't even get a copy of my newsletter. She is not a client and never was. In short, she's no one who is reading this newsletter now.

But if that story felt like it was you, ask yourself, "How am I limiting myself? What stories am I telling myself that don't serve me anymore?" We all create our own stories in our subconscious minds that can become our limiting beliefs. We can choose to live by them and be limited by them, or we can rewrite the stories any time we choose to come out with a happy ending. Isn't it remarkable to have that much power over our lives? Believe it. You do.

"All that you accomplish or fail to accomplish with your life is the direct result of your thoughts." - Og Mandino


It seems like so long ago now, but once my life was very different than it is today. I had just gone through a dreadful divorce. My friends helped me have a garage sale so I could pay for food for my son and me to eat. I was recovering from an operation. My mother had died. I was doing work I didn't like. I had to put my 17 year old dog to sleep. I was unhappy, unfulfilled and unsuccessful financially. My life was like a country western song.

Then I discovered the gift of hypnotherapy. Once I learned I actually had control over my own limitations, my life changed dramatically. I drew love and acceptance to me, as well as wealth. With the work I now practice, my life began moving forward.

I wanted to shout it from the rooftops - "You CAN have the life you love living! You CAN be financially free and happy!" Instead, I created the acclaimed Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind products. My dream is to share them with the world. But I need your help.

So I'm very excited to launch my Affiliate Program. It's free to join and you will make 40% of every sale that comes from your unique affiliate link. What's more, if you refer a friend to the Affiliate Program, you earn 5% of your friend's sales - for life. That means you can be passively earning money from your friend without lifting a finger yourself. And I'll be right there with you, showing you ways to succeed with helpful tips proven to sell without being a pushy salesperson. I have samples of text you can put on your website and in your emails that announce Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind products to your friends. And of course, I encourage your emails and phone calls with any questions. No one should be denied information that can better his or her life. Now you can profit while helping others realize their financial goals too.

Click here to become an affiliate of Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind.

With love and blessings,
Debbie Friedman, C.Ht.

You can contact Debbie Friedman, C.Ht. at info@cleaningoutthecloset.com or contact her directly at (310) 230-0872. Send this newsletter to all your friends, family and associates! Your friends can subscribe to the Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind newsletter by visiting www.cleaningoutthecloset.com. Your subscription email address will be kept in the strictest confidence. We do not release or share information to any third parties. The contents of this newsletter may be copied, reproduced, or freely distributed for all non-profit purposes without the consent of the author as long as the author's name and contact information are included. All contents

Copyright 2003 Debbie Friedman, C.Ht. except where indicated. All rights reserved worldwide.


© 2004 Debbie Friedman, C.Ht., All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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