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Issue Date: August 20, 2003





We all sat staring at her in awe - knowing what was going to come out of her mouth and yet somehow not quite believing it. She was describing what she wanted to vision that evening and part of her vision was a car. She was hesitating at stating out loud that she wanted a "new" car and we were pushing her to state the reason why. We weren't going to let her off the hook.

Finally, she said the words "I can't afford it." We all gasped and began to take the actions to cancel those words (for those of you who haven't seen it, it's something like a massive hand flapping). We then all had a good laugh at how deeply rooted our limiting beliefs can be, how controlled we are by what we see and hear in the world around us, and how powerless we feel at times to focus our beliefs on the truth - that life is full of limitless abundance for us all.

We were in the middle of one of the Manifesting Made Easy workshop sessions. This same woman had created two clients, a relationship with a man who more than met her ideal partner qualities, and was creating brilliant work. She had paid off some longstanding debts and is a very positive and focused woman who manifests with great ease.

Another woman got a raise the first week without asking her employer for it. She's since gone on to finalize her own workshop brochure and is making steady progress on creating a powerful healing CD.

One man had asked for support in having a wonderful day at the park with his child and when we picked her up that weekend, she asked HIM if they could go to the park! Another man had asked for support on moving his photo project forward. Once he accepted his creative talents as a photographer, he brilliantly framed 23 photos that are amazing and produced a book of his work. He asked for support for getting a television show produced and the next morning a major studio phoned for a meeting.

One woman has consistently asked for clarity and she continues to receive it. Another woman visioned the new car that she had chosen, and several days later her ex-husband called to tell her he was going to buy her one (no ulterior motives attached). She has continued to add new clients every week and has raised her hourly rates.

We held the vision for another woman to get a licensing agreement for her work and she received a call later that week.

The doors continue to fly open as everyone is experiencing the joys of creating the life they desire and deserve. In my way of thinking, they are remembering how to use the power that has been theirs all along. (Check out the following section on Gregg Braden's work for scientific research on why this is true!)

So, let's go back to the beginning of this section and the beliefs that may be limiting us from experiencing success in our lives. What can you do about beliefs that are so deeply ingrained in your subconscious that you don't seem to be able to shake them? How can you start creating more of what you want in life so that you can experience true joy and freedom?

One of the first steps I recommend is to start cleaning out the closet of your mind. You probably knew that was coming but then you might ask, "how do I do THAT?"

The powerful tools in my Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth CD series will give you techniques to change. You can seek out a good hypnotherapist that will guide you through the process of releasing beliefs that don't support you anymore. The Success Workbook offers 21 ways to let go and grow. The advantage of hypnosis is that you can use the power of your subconscious mind to release the beliefs that have held you back. Remember, hypnosis has been recommended by the American Medical Association since the 1950's. (For more information on my products click here.).

Here are some practical tips that will get you started on the creative process: Choose what you want. Write out your choices. Make a list of things you want to be, have, and do. Give your mind and your spirit a reason to move out of the comfort zone that's kept you trapped and into the vision of the life you are choosing to create. Expect that what you want is on its way to you. Allow yourself to FEEL the joy of getting what you desire.

In your mind, create a vision of what you desire for your life. Spend time each day focusing on your vision, taking in all the details, using all of your senses, until you can recall your vision with only a little effort of thought. Create a Vision Map that has all the ingredients of your ideal life and hang it where you can see it every day. Write out the story of your ideal day, being as specific and detailed as possible. Feel the emotions of joy and love for what you vision and choose.

Practice gratitude for all that you have and all that you know is already on its way to you. When you don't particularly like what is happening in your life, practice gratitude. There's a blessing for you somewhere that you just can't see in the moment. When you're full of doubt or fear, practice gratitude. You can't have two opposing feelings at the same time and whatever you give more attention to will expand. Choose gratitude.

Keep your focus on what you have chosen, your vision, and know that "it is done". Have faith that only that which is good, loving, plentiful, joyful, exciting, prosperous, and fulfilling is yours.

Claim your life of abundance and it will be yours. And so it is... .

With blessings and prosperity for all,


"Your subconscious mind does not argue with you. It accepts what your conscious mind decrees. If you say, 'I can't afford it,' your subconscious mind works to make it true. Select a better thought. Decree, 'I'll buy it. I accept it in my mind.'"

- Dr. Joseph Murphy in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind



The next Manifesting Made Easy workshop series begins September 8th and there are only a couple of spots left. If you are interested and want more information on the workshop, please click here or call me at 310-230-0872 to find out the details. I will also be offering the workshop to private groups.


Of all the creatures of earth, only human beings can change their patterns. Man alone is the architect of his destiny...Human beings, by changing their inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."

- William James



I had the incredible pleasure of attending a workshop last month by Gregg Braden. For those of you that aren't familiar with Gregg's work, he is the author of several books including The Isaiah Effect and Awakening to Zero Point. He is a scientist and yet he has an amazingly gifted grasp of information that helps us understand that we really ARE creating the life that we choose through our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This is powerful stuff. I was particularly thrilled because everything Gregg talked about confirmed what I've been doing in my own life and work. It gets better yet.

Here are some of the highlights. Scientists have identified a web of energy that permeates everything and that is intelligent. It responds to human emotion and has the ability to heal the cells of our body. Some scientists are calling this energy the "Mind of God". Others are calling it the Quantum Hologram.

Our feelings and emotions change our DNA. This energy field responds to the changes in our DNA and then changes are produced in our physical world. In the past we may have thought of these events as miracles, but the truth is being shown that it is only a reflection of our own ability to create the life that we choose.

As Gregg emphasized, it is the quality of our emotions that determines our reality. Rein and McCraty from the Institute of Heartmath have documented the 5 to 8 foot electromagnetic field around the heart, and have shown that our hearts speak to one another through energy. Compassion, gratitude, understanding, appreciation and love actually relax the strands of our DNA so that we have access to all the information. Anger and frustration tightens the DNA molecules so they shut down the body's ability to respond and heal. Chronic forms of negative emotions cause the negative effects. Chronic exposure to positive emotions actually allows the DNA to begin to unwind.

Gregg shows conclusive evidence that our thoughts, feeling, and emotions create the vibrations and patterns that link us to this energy field which is the creative realm. Our hearts, and particularly our beliefs, are the guiding force behind the reality we experience.

Last, but not least, Gregg pointed to scientific studies that showed that our expectations - the feelings of failure or success - directly affects the outcome of our lives .

For more information on Gregg Braden, please visit his website


"The key to choosing one outcome from among many possible outcomes is our ability to feel as if our choice has already come to pass. From our previous definition of prayer as 'feeling', then stated in another way, we are invited to find the quality of thought and emotion that produces such a feeling - living as if our prayer had already been answered...If...the patterns of our prayer are focused in union, how can the 'stuff' of creation fail to respond to our prayer?"

- Gregg Braden in The Isaiah Effect



On a similar but somewhat different vein, I have also been reading more about the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher and author of The Message From Water. Dr. Emoto has conducted experiments that show that our thoughts, words, and actions affect everything around us. His work has documented the structural changes that take place in water molecules based on positive and negative emotions. Love, appreciation, and gratitude create beautiful, delicate, crystals that look like snowflakes. Hate and anger produce amorphous blobs of grotesque shapes. Prayer was shown to transform these grotesque forms to crystalline shapes. Here's one other thing I found particularly interesting - typing out words and taping them on bottled water overnight changes the structure.

One more piece of evidence that your thoughts create your reality. Considering that our bodies are 2/3 water, can you grasp how significant this is for our health? Water is the molecule of life on this planet, so we have yet another reminder of the difference we can make in the world around us by the power of our thoughts. We have the power to transform life around us. Let's all use this power wisely.

For more information on Dr. Emoto's work, please visit his website. My special thanks go to my friend Debra Lindegren for sharing this information to illuminate us all.


"Miracles come from your love. If you are willing to open your heart to love yourself and others, life will always be a miracle. The degree to which you are open and loving is the degree to which miracles will come your way."

- Sanaya Roman in Creating Money



The cover story on the August 4, 2003 issue of Time magazine was The Science of Meditation. If you had the chance to read this article you discovered the scientific basis for what many of us have known intellectually and physically for so long - that meditation heals and transforms our bodies in amazing ways. (For the full text of the article visit here.)

Now, I know that my CDs create a meditative state (though they haven't been scientifically studied yet!), and I am thrilled to let you know about the wonderful personalized guided meditation of my friend, Rev Dana St. Claire.

Dana recently opened her new office in Toluca Lake and has authorized me to extend a very special offer to you! Dana is offering a private 1-1/2 hour meditation session for - are you ready? - only $37!!!

I was there the first week for mine and the experience is indeed transforming. Dana has created an atmosphere that is incredibly soothing and peaceful, and she uses her talents and gifts to produce a remarkable meditative state with her ancient bowls and gongs.

You can't afford to miss out on this offer! Call Dana at 818-768-1137 to schedule your appointment today!!! You'll be glad that you did!


"Man comes into the world financed by God, with all that he desires or requires already on his pathway. This supply is released through faith and the Spoken Word. 'If thou canst believe, all things are possible.'"

- Florence Scovel Shinn in Your Word is Your Wand



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