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Cleaning Out The Closet of Your Mind Newsletter

Issue Date: November 20, 2003




As we move into the holiday season and start to look ahead to 2004, it's a great time to reflect. Are you enjoying all the health, happiness, success, and financial freedom that you want to? No??? Would you like to?

This may be a great time to clean out the closet of your mind and leave a bunch of the old stuff behind in 2003 - you know, the stuff you don't want or need, the stuff that has been holding you back.

Our conditioned minds have been taught over the years that "What you see is what you get". Haven't we all heard that "seeing is believing"?

Here's the real truth: What you BELIEVE is what you get!

90% of our beliefs are subconscious, hard-wired into that part of our mind that doesn't respond to logic, reason, decision-making or willpower. It's estimated that 80% of those subconscious beliefs were wired in before we reached the age of 8!

Only about 10% of our everyday lives are operated with our conscious mind which means that 90% of the time we are operating from subconscious beliefs! Worse yet - we're not even aware of it because we're not thinking consciously!!! So, 90% of what we think, say, and do in our everyday lives is based on unconscious beliefs.

Belief has an interesting three-letter word in the middle of it. That's right, the word "LIE" is in the middle of beliefs. What that means is that everything you believe is not necessarily true. More important, though, when you are living consciously you get to choose what is true and what is not true. What we believe determines our thoughts, which leads to our emotions, which leads to our actions, and leads to the reality we experience. (See How Thoughts Create Reality that follows.) We've probably all become clear on this idea. But what do you do when 90% of your thoughts are unconscious and controlling the life you are creating, and most of them aren't very nice, kind, loving or supportive?

As Morpheus says in the Matrix movie series, "There's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path." You can stop talking about what you "could" or "should" do, and begin to take the conscious actions to move beyond your limiting beliefs that have held you back. Are you ready to start walking the path?

Are you ready to let go of the fears, doubts, worries, false beliefs, limitations, and blocks that have kept you trapped? Are you willing to stop telling yourself scary stories? Are you able to see that if you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting the same results?

In the movie What Dreams May Come, Robin Williams created an incredibly beautiful landscape and an amazingly wonderful vision of life. As Cuba Gooding Jr. told him repeatedly, "You get to choose." His wife in the movie chose to see a different reality - one that was dark, broken, incomplete, unsafe. That was her reality until she responded to the love Robin offered her and she chose to share his vision of a life full of love, light, and beauty.

Are you ready to open up to a new vision for your life? Let's be honest here for a moment. Sometimes we might choose and then we find that we feel stuck, almost paralyzed, in our old ways of thinking and acting. Sometimes the old beliefs feel so strong, the unconscious habits are so settled in, that we need love, support, help, role models and guidance to show us the way. Sometimes we need a powerful kit of tools to help us begin or to finally move beyond those old beliefs. If you are willing enough to crack open the door to a new way of thinking, I've found that before long the doors are bursting wide open. Willingness is the key. Making the commitment to do whatever you have to do takes you to the other side.

So, do you see the glass as half-full or the glass as half-empty? Are you ready to see that the glass is absolutely overflowing continuously for you?

If you're ready to clean out the closet of your mind and let go of those old ideas and beliefs, here's what you will get:

1. You get to stop playing the victim. You get to be responsible for your life. You get to recognize that nobody's doing it to you and nobody's going to do it for you.

2. You get to move from "I can't" to "I can". You get to experience and open up to new possibilities for life and living.

3. You get to move from "I can" to "I AM", claiming the right to be, have and do everything that you came here to enjoy and contribute.

4. You get to move beyond your fears into freedom. You get to be free to not only live up to your potential but to your highest possibilities. You get to realize that even the sky is no limit.

5. You get to open up to the unlimited wealth, health, happiness, success and abundance in this life. You get to experience everything you choose and focus on.

6. You get to realize that you deserve and you are worthy. You are a richly endowed child of the Universe rightfully claiming your inheritance.

7. You get to open more each and every day to a life full of love - love for yourself and everyone, everything around you.

8. You get to wake up in the morning excited about the new day ahead - knowing that wonderful things are just waiting to delight you. You get to experience true joy.

9. You get to awaken to the magic and the miracles of life! Instead of waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel or waiting for someone to leave the light on, you get to know that you ARE the light and you have the power to shine bright.

10. You get to create the life you desire and deserve - the life you love to live!

With blessings and prosperity,

Debbie Friedman, C.Ht.
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Recently I've been asked to be a guest expert to discuss Manifestation and, in particular, how what we think creates the life we experience - our reality and results. It occurred to me that I've talked about this idea over time in my newsletters, and that it was time to be really direct about it with all of you so that it's clear. This is not just "woo woo" or metaphysical stuff anymore.

Let's get to it. As many of you know, I am a scientist by background and training. Aside from the amazing results and transformations that I see daily in my work, one of the most exciting things about helping people remember how to manifest and create their lives is that the work that I've been doing is all being confirmed now by scientists! This is something we can all now understand.

More than that, it is essential that we not only recognize but take responsibility for the power of what we think, say, and do in creating life around us!

Most of you are clear on the idea that what you focus on is what you attract, or create, in your life. You probably all know that creation starts with your thoughts and the choices that you make. Your thoughts lead to your emotions, your emotions lead to your actions, and your actions lead to the results and reality that you experience. While it all begins with your thoughts, the key here is your emotional response.

Desire + Emotions = Creation. What you give emotional energy to is what is sparked into creation. Now, your question may be "WHAT MAKES THIS HAPPEN?"

Here's the answer:

Quantum Physics has now shown that there is a field a energy, a measurable web, that permeates everything, that is intelligent, and that responds to human emotion. This field of energy has been called the "Mind of God" by some scientists, and is more commonly known as the "Quantum Hologram". All of creation is connected through this field of energy and this field, the Quantum Hologram, responds to human emotions.

Human thoughts, feelings, and emotions are vibrations that create patterns in the Quantum Hologram. Positive emotions have a higher vibration. Negative emotions have a lower vibration.

Some of the earlier studies on the Quantum Hologram focused on the way our DNA sets patterns in the field of energy. It's been shown in studies that feelings of compassion, gratitude, understanding, appreciation, and love actually relax the strands of DNA in our bodies. Prolonged exposure to these positive emotions actually allows the DNA strands to unwind, which allows the individual access to all the genetic options or possibilities for health and life. On the other hand, anger and frustration tighten DNA coils, shutting down the body's ability to respond and heal.

Emotions, then, change the shape of your DNA and change the electromagnetic field of the Quantum Hologram, which is the fabric of our creation. These effects change our physical world.

We know, too, that the heart and brain are constantly communicating, and that the heart is more than just a physical pump for blood. The heart has an energy field of it's own that extends 5-8 feet from the body. This field of energy reflects what we "become" in our hearts as our choices produce feelings and emotions that produce effects in our physical world.

If you can FEEL the experience, you can manifest it. If you feel as if something has already occurred, you are creating! This is why it's so important in the manifesting process to be grateful for what you choose for your life - as grateful as you will be when it is physically present! The invisible Quantum Hologram is responding to your thoughts and feelings and changing the physical world around you each and every moment.

Remember, your mind does not know true from false, fact from fantasy, and it does not have a sense of humor.

Choose wisely, powerfully, and positively! Choose the life you desire and deserve!



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© 2004 Debbie Friedman, C.Ht., All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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