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ISSUE DATE: January, 2005





I woke up Sunday morning with a grin on my face and my heart bursting wide open with love. My granddaughter, Peyton, was standing in my bedroom doorway looking out over the landing where the skylight beams through. With her arms opened wide and raised to the sky she was shouting at the top of her lungs.

"I LOVE roses!" for the sconces on the landing. "I LOVE bunnies!" for the paintings and the stuffed animal. "I LOVE sunlight!" "I LOVE Stella!" for my cat. She kept going for about 5 minutes shouting out her LOVE for every aspect of life.

When she got to "I LOVE red candies!" I quickly jumped out of bed. She had found the cough drops on my bathroom counter and decided to find out how far they could fall down 3 sets of stairs (but she hadn't eaten any!). WHEW!

And, once again, I was reminded of the beauty and the wisdom of children, our great teachers.

If every one on the face of this earth woke up every morning and shouted at the top of their lungs about how much they LOVED their life, our consciousness and our experiences would shift quickly.

This is not woo woo or wishful thinking. It's simply practical and one of the easiest ways to create a rich and fulfilling life. This is about conscious creation and taking responsibility for our lives to create the life we love to live.

We are all beings of vibration. Even though we see the physical form of our bodies, we are actually vibrating spheres of energy. What we vibrate to (our thoughts), is what we vibrate with (our emotions), and what is attracted to us on the vibrational level (our reality).

Our emotions and what we focus on creates our reality. Each of us is more powerful than we can even imagine.

As you vibrate with love, good things start to happen in your life. As these good things happen, you become more confident and expect more, open to receive more. As you open and receive more, your consciousness shifts because you are in a place of certainty and you feel the love, safety and goodness unfolding in your life. Before you know it, you are in the rich, limitless flow of life and living, the perfect harmony of balance and abundance.

Love heals. Love prospers. Love lifts you up to your greatest good and your highest potential. As you vibrate with love, you become like a beacon of light attracting the people, places, and things that delight and support you with great ease and joy.

Now the truth is that your mind may try to pull you back to thoughts of the dull, boring, trivial, mundane, and negative. Almost a sort of comfort zone that is safe, but rarely full of passion or fulfilling. This is your time to make a choice and reinforce your new thought habits to consciously choose a different course.

Thank these thoughts for showing up and somehow trying to protect you. Then, shift your thoughts, focus, emotions, and energy to feelings of LOVE.

This is your chance to consciously create, to take control of your mind and your life, and to powerfully choose what you desire. What you say is a reflection of your beliefs, and what you say sets the course for your creations. Instead of reliving petty moments from the past, choose to focus on the wonderful aspects of your life. Instead of thinking of past mistakes, learn the lesson and move forward to focus on what you choose to experience in your life. Instead of fear, choose faith. Instead of anger, choose love.

As we moved through the day, Peyton and I played a game that we enjoy. She starts out by asking me "What does a cat say?" When I've answered that correctly, I turn the tables and begin asking her what different animals say. Then comes the magical moment when I see a twinkle in her eye and she takes the game back.

"What does Mommy say?" I respond, "I LOVE Peyton!" and she giggles. We play this game for 10 to 15 minutes sometimes, going through a whole list of people and always with the same response, "I LOVE Peyton!". When she gets to "What does Peyton say?" I joyfully respond, "I LOVE Grammy!" and we both giggle.

If every one on the face of the earth knew they were loved, absolutely supported by the Universe, and that every need they could ever have was already provided for, our world would shift dramatically.

In the past few months, I've written about the power of spending 5 minutes each day expressing gratitude and saying the word "YES". This month the focus is LOVE.

If you're choosing to create a wonderful, prosperous, abundant, joyful, peaceful, loving experience for 2005, let it all begin with LOVE. Make your daily affirmations and inner conversations be about what you LOVE in your life and your vision for the new year ahead.

Take daily actions to LOVE yourself and others. Look at yourself in the mirror each time you pass one and say "I LOVE YOU!" as you look into your eyes. Spend 5 minutes each day building a high vibration of positive, powerful energy by speaking out loud the words of LOVE.

And if you haven't tried it yet, get out of bed some morning soon, stand up with your arms raised to the sky, and shout at the top of your lungs all that you LOVE about your life. You'll be glad you did!!!

YOU deserve it!!!

With prosperity and blessings,

Debbie Friedman, C.Ht.


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"Each of us constantly uses the law of radiation and attraction whether we are aware of it or not. But if you wish to enjoy more prosperity and success in life, you have to consciously, boldly and deliberately take hold of your thoughts and feelings and redirect them toward prosperity and success. It is up to you to dare to choose and radiate outward through your thinking what you really wish to experience in life, rather than to get bogged down in unpleasant or failure experiences of the moment. These conditions can change as quickly as you can change your thinking about them."

- Catherine Ponder in The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity



On December 26, 2004 the Indian Ocean tsunami swept through vast regions with swift force and destructive power, altering countless lives forever. It's almost impossible to believe. For many, the loss of more than 200,000 lives in a matter of minutes is hard to comprehend. Beyond that, it's difficult to understand in the big scheme and meaning of life.

As I was preparing to go out to dinner with my son and his girlfriend, I heard the news. To be honest with you, I'd just been in a moment of grumbling to myself because someone very dear and loved had forgotten my son and me on Christmas and on his birthday. I was feeling disappointed and, frankly, resentful that the efforts I made had, one more time, not been reciprocated.

Ah yes, those remnants of after-Christmas blues of discontent and disappointment. My little self, my victim self, my powerless, helpless, and small self was exposed one more time.

When I heard about the tsunami and the devastation, it was as if my face had been splashed with cold water to wake me up. Suddenly the disappointment and resentment, the focus on what I had not received, paled in comparison to this catastrophic event. It was as if my mind was lifted up to a higher level to remember that we are all one, that we are all connected regardless of race, sex, creed, or location, that we are all affected by tragedies around the world. Most of all, I was reminded of what is really important in life and, gratefully, my petty concerns were no longer at the top of the list.

Human kind had taken a hit. A big one. And, yet, the beauty that followed was seeing the real "kindness" of humanity emerge. Extraordinary efforts, tales of courage, rescue and reaching out, relief missions, and stories that show how wonderful humanity really can be in its finest hours. All the love that was unleashed was palpable.

So, perhaps, we are better people today because of this tragedy. Perhaps you, too, had an epiphany that helped you to become a little more strong, compassionate, loving, kind, and awake to what's important in your life. Perhaps you, too, opened up a bit more to love and allowing the "kindness" in human kind to emerge from you.

Marianne Williamson sent an email titled "Where's The Miracle In A Tsunami?" on January 6, 2005 that shares her perspective. To read Marianne's email, click here.

Based on his years of research showing the power of love in transforming water molecules, Masaru Emoto (www.hado.net) has asked that we send words of prayers to the effected countries - prayers of love and gratitude, and prayers for world peace. To read a copy of Dr. Emoto's letter, click here.

We know that prayer makes a difference, we know that the vibration of love is powerful, and we know that this region of the world needs all the help it can get. Now, perhaps you've donated money to the Red Cross (www.redcross.org or 1-800-HELPNOW), but this is something that we can all do to make a difference and it doesn't cost a thing except a few minutes of our time each day.

Every one of us counts and, ultimately, every one of us is accountable. Take the time and make the decision to BE the change you choose to see in the world today. YOU deserve it!!!


"With the tsunami, we were suddenly jolted back to our right minds - where the ultimately meaningless preoccupations that normally dominate our lives were pushed to the background where they belong. What loomed large was love itself. And ever since, we have been freer. Freer of the forgetfulness, the distraction, the petty arguments, the insignificant pain."

- Marianne Williamson in Where's The Miracle In A Tsunami?



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"Shift to intention. Stop finding what is missing in your life and focus on what you absolutely intend to manifest and attract into your life - with no waffling."

- Dr. Wayne Dyer


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