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ISSUE DATE: March 2007


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Like a "New York minute" a "California stop" is something you can miss in less than a blink of an eye.

For those of you who aren't familiar with it, here's the way it goes: You lightly put your foot on the brakes or simply stop accelerating, and then you roll through the big red sign (usually with a crosswalk for pedestrians) and HOPEFULLY no one is in your way.

Now, my question is: DO WE DO THIS IN LIFE?

Are there times when we see the warning signs and we're aware that there's something telling us what to do for our own safety and the safety of others? Do we simply decide to ignore those signs and roll past them, making the often mistaken assumption that they just don't apply to US???


Now, Los Angeles has a particularly wonderful way of slowing traffic on residential streets. Maybe your town or city does the same thing, but for those of you who are new to the idea let me share with you the warning you might receive.

On some streets there are posted signs that give you advanced notice "BUMPS AHEAD". Large yellow words reading "BUMPS" are painted on the road just before a raised section of asphalt that will slow you down unless you choose to ignore it and speed through to damage your car.

Now on other streets, where the city apparently really wants you to slow down, there are HUMPS! Even larger than the regular BUMPS, you get warning signs in bright paint to let you know that it's time to take this seriously and to move forward with great care. No time for rushing here!

Wouldn't it be great if Life would just give us that same kind of information so we could just slow down and take it easy through the bumpy times?

And, yet, it's been my experience that we are constantly getting messages and feedback, continuously receiving guidance, on how to navigate the roads that lie ahead of us in our lives.

On the physical and emotional levels we may feel exhausted, achy, congested, hungry, irritable, crying for seemingly no reason, impatient, have trouble getting a good night's sleep or sleeping deeply for longer periods, and any number of other symptoms. In the world around us, we may be experiencing what feels like delays, denials or what appear to be roadblocks to our success.

The real question is: Are we paying attention?

More importantly, are we ready, willing and able to heed the cautions and take the appropriate actions?

As the energies are seeming to accelerate our manifesting and, at times, life can feel like it's moving forward at warp speed, it's important that we remember we are going through a time of transformation on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. It is essential that we heed the warnings, pay attention to what's going on around us and within us, and take the time that we may need to stay in balance.

Here are some suggestions that will support you in this dynamic time:

1. Slow down. There is no hurry on the creative plane. Stop long enough to smell the roses, watch a cloud in the sky, or simply enjoy a sweet moment of joy.

2. Breathe. Breathe deeply. Breathe deeply often. As you breathe deeply you activate the calming center in your diaphragm which triggers the release of natural endorphins and serotonin to calm and soothe your physical body.

3. Meditate. This is an ideal time to give your Self the benefits of relaxation while at the same time tapping into higher wisdom and understanding.

4. HALT. The 12 Step Programs use this acronym as a reminder to STOP whenever you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired. Simply STOP and take care of your priority before you take another step forward.

5. Take time to take care of your Self. Get a massage, take a walk, have fun with your friends, read a good book, go to the spa, and generally set a habit of doing at least one thing a day that really pleases you.

6. Stand firm in your faith and knowingness that everything is happening perfectly for your highest good. Delay is not denial. What may seem like a closed door is certain to be opening another one. The Universe is constantly responding to our every request with one of 3 answers: Yes, Not Now, and I've got something better for you.

Affirm that the Universe has your best interests at heart. Stay in gratitude that you are being cared for and acknowledge the beautiful aspects of life all around you.

Stay awake and aware and continue to choose what you desire. Prepare to receive. Relax. Keep your focus on what you choose to experience with passion and purpose, stay in the vibration of joyful expectation, and open your arms wide to accept all the abundant prosperity, success, peace, freedom, and release that is coming to you now!

YOU deserve it!

To your wealth and success,

Debbie Friedman, C.Ht.


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"Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are demanding our power be turned on."

- Iyanla Vanzant



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"People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success."

- Norman Vincent Peale



As you know, I've been gathering the best of the best to share their wisdom and tools with you for consciously creating true wealth and unlimited success in 2007!

If you missed the The Intuitive Edge To Wealth with Lorrie Kazan you can click here to listen to it here.

If you missed The Spiritual Meaning Of Money with Beth Davis, The Hand Analyst, you can listen to it click here.

If you would like to join me as I'm interviewed for a live Teleseminar Prosperity Manifesting Made Easy: Creating The Life You Love To Live on March 29th, you can register here.


"You are a rich and creative spiritual being. You can never be less than this. You may frustrate your potential. You may identify with that which is less than what you can be. But within you now and always is the unborn possibility of a limitless experience of inner stability and outer treasure, and yours is the privilege of giving birth to it. And you will, if you can believe."

- Eric Butterworth



Sunday, April 15th
2 pm - 5 pm

Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind: Creating True Wealth and Unlimited Success In Every Area Of Your Life
With Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht.
New Vision Spiritual Growth Center
9659 N. Hayden Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
To register, visit www.newvisionaz.org or call 480.391.1126

Saturday, April 28th
1 pm - 4 pm
$35 Advance Registration, $40 Day of Event

Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind
With Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht.
East West Bookshop
6500 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
Register at www.eastwestbookshop.com or by calling 206.523.3726 or 800.587.6002

Sunday, April 29th
10 am - 11 am: Service Speaker

1 pm - 3 pm Workshop: $20 registration

Prosperity Manifesting Made Easy: Creating The Life You Love To Live With Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht.
Unity Church of Bellingham
1095 Telegraph Road
Bellingham, WA 98226
To register call 360.733.2270

To see the complete listing of Upcoming Events, click here.

To invite Debbie to speak at your group or
organization event, send an email to
or call 310.230.0872


"You and I are essentially infinite choice-makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices."

- Deepak Chopra


You can contact Debbie Friedman, C.Ht. at debbie@cleaningoutthecloset.com or contact her directly at (310) 230-0872.


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