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ISSUE DATE: October 2007







Maybe you read about it. Alexander Kuzmin, mayor of Megion in western Siberia, created a list of 27 phrases that he will not tolerate from city officials.

He was tired of civil servants making excuses instead of looking for practical solutions. According to the Associated Press report, the mayor made a list of forbidden phrases that kill morale and productivity. Officials who disobey the ban "will speed their departure", Mayor Kuzmin warned.

On the town website, Kuzmin stated "Town authorities are there to make town residents' life comfortable and prosperous. Town officials must work out mechanisms to solve and remove problems, not to avoid them."

Now, before we go any further, I have a large number of Russian readers and I've been wondering if Mayor Kuzmin is one of them. Frankly, he's got the right idea for shifting the consciousness of the workers, their lives and the lives of everyone they come in contact with on a professional and personal level. It's a practical inspiration that every business can prosper with.

It's an idea I've spoken of many times in the past. What you say is a reflection of your beliefs. The words you choose have the power to set you free or to hold you hostage in a limited reality. Your words can build you up, lifting your self-esteem and self-confidence, or tear you down as a powerless victim of circumstances that you have decided are out of your control.

As a conscious creator, we know that our power to choose is our divine right. We can continue to unconsciously utter the phrases that keep us small in our conditioned mind, or we can be present in the moment to make a choice to be the powerful co-creators that we already are.

Remember, everything you think, say and do determines your destiny. As you change your words, you change your thoughts, you change your emotions, which will necessarily change your actions and as a result will most certainly change the world you see reflected around you.

Remember, too, that your mind does not have a sense of humor, doesn't know true from false or fact from fantasy. All it knows is what you tell it and it acts on those instructions to create your reality, constantly proving that you are correct. What you focus on expands. What you put out into the Universe comes back to you multiplied.

You are the magnet naturally attracting to you whatever you claim and declare to be your truth by the power of your spoken words. As Florence Scovel Shinn says, "Your word is your wand."

Here are some of the phrases from Mayor Kuzmin's list:

I don't know. Now, while it's a good thing to admit when you don't know something instead of trying to bluff your way through, go beyond the limitation and expand to find the answers. More important, I often hear the "I don't know" words as a standard line to avoid taking responsibility or tapping into your brilliance. Many times when I ask people what they choose for their life they respond with this pat phrase that keeps them safe and uncommitted to life. So, my question to you is: What would it be if you DID know? Open your mind, expand, go beyond your perceived limitations.

I can't. Your mind will not argue with you here. If you believe you can't, you can't. I have come to believe that "can't" is one of the most dangerous and offensive 4-letter words we can possibly use. Tell yourself what you CAN and ARE doing. Again, open your mind to the limitless possibilities that await you.

What can we do? In a helpful frame of mind, this phrase could be looking for possibilities and solutions. In a powerless, victim perspective this is simply a cop out that will keep you trapped. Open your mind, your heart, your spirit to see the endless opportunities and options in life. You will be amazed.

I'll let the last few phrases speak for themselves.

It's not my job

It's impossible

I'm having lunch

There is no money

I was away/sick/on vacation

I invite you to start TODAY to transform your world as you change your thoughts, your language, your beliefs, your habits and step fully into your power as a magnificent co-creator of the life you love to live!

Be mindful of the words you choose and the words you use.

Begin TODAY to improve your outlook upon life, your experience of who you are in the world, and open your self to all the delicious possibilities for life and living when you set yourself free from those old thought habits and words that simply do not serve you anymore.

Play large in this game of Life and enjoy all the rich rewards of great love, joy, happiness, health, wealth, and abundance in every area!

YOU deserve it!

To your wealth and success,

Debbie Friedman, C.Ht.


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"Your subconscious mind does not argue with you. It accepts what your conscious mind decrees. If you say, 'I can't afford it', your subconscious mind works to make it true. Select a better thought. Decree, 'I'll buy it. I accept it in my mind.'"

- Dr. Joseph Murphy
in The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind



Visualizing is an essential tool for conscious creation and bringing your desires into physical form and experience.

It is a form of Mental Rehearsal that prepares your mind and every cell of your body with the expectation of what you choose to receive! The more often you do your visualizing, the more comfortable every part of you (particularly your mind!) becomes with what you have chosen as you become the vibration of the mental movie you are playing.

It is often helpful to begin by creating your vision in your mind and then writing it out, claiming what you choose. By opening yourself to explore and discover new possibilities as you tap into your dreams, you are setting the roadmap for your mind to follow in creating.

It all begins with your thoughts. By taking the time to write out your vision, you give yourself the opportunity to connect with the emotional energy of what that FEELS like, as if it has already happened. Desire + Emotion = Creation.

We've been expanding on the gifts of Visualization in my Mentoring Program group recently, and I'd like to share with you some practical ideas that will help you catapult to even greater success.

Once you've written out your vision, look at what you've written and make any adjustments that you would like. This is the time to refine and define and align. In particular, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Did I ask for enough or am I playing small in the world? Remember, the Universe is limitless, it is only our logical (left-brain) mind that is limited. Leapfrog forward, perhaps a couple of years, and create the story of your life as if you have already received it. Dream HUGE and tap into the vast, wide expanse of possibilities.
  • Did I set my intention with my vision in the present tense, as if it has already happened? Some people, in writing their vision, make a sort of laundry list of vague ideas. Be clear, definite and specific. Some people use the words "choose" in their vision statements. I suggest you consider the phrase "I am now" in writing your new vision.
  • Did I include any specific person, place or thing in my vision? Avoid this error. When you tie your vision in with any particular person, place or thing you can set yourself up for failure if it is not in alignment with their highest good. No particular publishing house, no particular agents, no particular person. To try to tie someone or something into your vision is a form of manipulation which, over my years of experience, creates a great potential for backfire. Instead, stay with the idea of YOUR vision and how that experience or person allows you to FEEL, what qualities and characteristics they have, or the way you respond to them.
  • Did I give emotional energy to my vision? Here's the chance to add in that spark of celebration, joy and excitement! Here's the chance to express and feel the gratitude for receiving what you have given birth to!
  • Are you attached to or controlling the way your vision unfolds or are you open to ALLOWING the Universe to deliver your good to you in a perfect way?

Finding a trusted friend or special group to speak your vision to is a powerful way to ignite and energize your vision as you tap into the group energy. If that's not an option at the moment, go to a peaceful place and simply speak your vision out loud to the Universe.

When you speak your vision, you literally give the breath of life to your dreams as you claim what you desire. The vibration of your voice is a powerful activator in the quantum field of creation, as you set everything into motion.

Giving emotional energy to your vision is a catalyst. Emotion is often referred to as energy in motion. So, giving yourself the opportunity to get excited, celebrate, rejoice is a great way to spark the creative process!



"Because we have the power to co-create with God, the words we utter have enormous import. Our words make our life if we speak them with conviction, and they can break us if we let our tongue be guided by foolishness or fear. Take care to speak only what you want to see manifested…Be at peace with yourself by being at peace with the words you speak. A golden life begins with golden words."

- Alan Cohen in A Deep Breath Of Life



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"Destiny is no matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."

- William Jennings Bryan


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