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ISSUE DATE: April 2008






A Special Note of Gratitude and Appreciation
Many thanks to everyone who has emailed or called to let me know
that you were wondering when the next newsletter was going to be
released and to send your love. I deeply appreciate each and
every one of them. As an update, I am mostly on sabbatical and
will be writing my newsletter once a quarter or unless I am inspired
with something really juicy that I'd like to share. Thank you for
your love, wishes, and incredible generosity. I am truly grateful.
With love and blessings, Debbie



I have been absolutely fascinated lately with how much change has taken place in my lifetime. If you're a Baby Boomer as well, I'm guessing you can relate. Even if you're younger, life has been shifting at such an accelerated rate that you, too, have been riding some wild waves of change.

Knowing that humans have a natural resistance to change, anchored in the subconscious mind's desire for survival and to keep you safe in a certain comfort zone, I think we should all stop for a moment and congratulate ourselves for having done such a remarkable job of transitioning to this point in time. WE ARE AMAZING!

For those who were born in the 1950's and earlier, the world we live in now may seem truly magical and miraculous with the rules we operate by changing and all of the rapid advances in technology. We have had a lot to process and adjust to over a relatively brief period of time. Greatly due to the activism of the 1960's, these changes have taken us out of our comfort zone and set in motion the evolutionary burst that we're in the middle of now.

Let's consider some of the dramatic differences for a moment. In the 1950's, you were lucky if you had a small black & white screen television playing 3 channels, women generally stayed home to care for the family, front doors were left unlocked unless you went on vacation, children walked up to a mile or more each day with their friends to go to a local school, telephones were on party lines that you shared with others in your neighborhood, airline travel was an exceptional event, divorce was rare and considered a stigma, people wrote letters and paid with cash or a check for most purchases. Music was played on the radio or on 45's or 33-1/3 records on a turntable. Sex discrimination and racial segregation were accepted policies in most parts of the world.

Entire families staying in the same neighborhood, at the same job or with the same company, and with the same friends and companions throughout their lifetime were not at all uncommon. It was, in many ways, an easier, softer, gentler and more stable time. Everyone knew their place, their role, and, for the most part, complied and stayed in character.

There were no microwaves, iPods, drive through restaurants, fast food, CDs, 7-Eleven, merchant credit cards, personal computers, emails, cell phones, or instant messages. The idea of walking up to a machine and getting money handed to you any time of night or day as we do at ATM's would have seemed outrageous. Today we take these things and even more for granted. These changes are minor compared to what is about to take place.

As a people we are moving forward through a time of evolution, a transition in consciousness and an essential paradigm shift.

From control to freedom. From ego and separation to community and unity. From manipulation to cooperation. From competition to partnership and co-creation. From lack and limitation to limitless abundance and prosperity. From fear to faith. From force to power. From cowardice to courage. From aggression to compassion. From powerless to powerfull. And, as Anodea Judith says, from the Love of Power to the Power of Love.

Along the way we may "lose" things as our world is preparing us for this dynamic change. People, places and things. The way we dress, think, speak, play, relate to one another and work are shifting. Our communications, relationships, lifestyles, economic systems, interests and patterns are all going through a transformation of sorts.

At times it may seem as if the world is breaking down. I'm going to encourage you to see that it is actually breaking through. All of this is necessary to prepare us for what is about to take place and, most important, to awaken those who have been in a trance-like state. We are in the middle of the Great Awakening.

And, as you "lose" the old you will find that what you believe you have lost comes back to you in remarkable ways. New ideas and concepts for family and community are emerging. Enlightened and inspired concepts for education, health care, government, world trade and economics will be born.

You will be amazed to discover that you begin connecting with people who you are instantly comfortable with, what many describe as gathering their spiritual family together. You are being given the clarity and the opportunity to release anything that doesn't work or fit any longer.

You are being given the chance to clean out your closets, leaving all the old baggage behind.

Though you may not see it or be able to believe it in this very moment, everything is happening perfectly and is in divine order.

Through what may be turbulent and challenging times ahead, it is important to stay clear and remember who you are. You are a richly-endowed child of the Universe. You are gifted. You are magnificent. You are loved. You are protected. You are a powerful co-creator. You haven't been brought this far to be dropped.

Here are some suggestions to support you as we move forward:

1. Stay grounded. You may find my Daily Gifts recording to be a valued tool. For those of you who would like to download your copy, click here. Exercise daily to move and clear your energy.

2. Stay focused on what you are choosing to create, gratitude, appreciation, and love. Stay focused on the positives. Look for the opportunities to be a blessing and a gift each day. Be kind to yourself and others.

3. Stay connected with those you trust and feel at home and honored with. Stay connected with Source through meditation, prayer or moments of silence.

4. Stay in faith and stay out of fear. Trust. Stay out of judgment of yourself and others. It's often a benefit to find a simple saying to anchor you. All is well in my world or Everything I need is being provided, absolutely everything are two that come to mind.

5. Stay conscious. Stick with your daily practices that serve you well. Indulge yourself in habits that stabilize and calm you. Avoid escapes into food, television, alcohol, overstimulation, mindless activities or other addictions.

6. Confront your demons. Face the truth about yourself and your life. Deal with anything you've been avoiding, pretending doesn't exist, ignoring or denying. Be awake.

And, if you can, take a Reunion Tour.

Months ago I was invited to speak in my high school town. Almost immediately I thought it would be a great time to go back and visit all the areas where I'd spent the first half of my life. The idea of my Reunion Tour came to mind.

If you've known me for any period of time, I'm always intrigued by words. It was clear that this was not a Nostalgia Tour, but a Reunion Tour. A time to reconnect with those parts of myself that I had left behind long ago, or thought I did.

So, last weekend, I went back to visit all the places I'd lived in, all the places I'd grown up in, and the memories came back in huge waves. My elementary school, my high school, my college, and the first school I taught at all within a very small area in northern California.

Visiting the homes and neighborhoods that I'd lived in, so many memories came flooding back. Things I'd forgotten. Things I'd tried to forget. Things I'd shoved aside. Things I didn't want to remember on some level.

The house that the child molester lived in. Using slide rules through college math and physics courses. The bar that everyone could drink in at 18. The boy who committed suicide in high school. My first wedding. The parties. The struggles. The freedom. The trials. The love.

As much as my Reunion Tour was emotional, it was refreshing and renewing. It helped me make sense of some habits and behaviors I'd been holding on to. It was a time to face my demons and set myself free.

At my college, I got to talk with a freshman just finishing his first year. He was curious about the 60's and the 70's and what the campus had been like then, so I was more than willing to share though I find it's never really possible to explain completely what that time was like.

So fresh and full of innocence on his Life adventure, he looked at me with his eyes wide open and asked, "Did it go by too quickly? Did it pass too fast?" Looking back over the years, I was able to tell him honestly that it had been just right.

Which brings me to another point. Everything is happening perfectly. You're exactly where you need to be at this moment in time. Look for the perfection, appreciate it and continue to focus on what you are choosing to create. In a short while, it will seem as if this was just a blink of the eye.

I'd like to share my own experience with a small demonstration of this.

Last month as I was in the middle of writing on a Thursday, I got the inspiration to do my laundry. Unusual since I'm a weekend laundry gal, but not particularly out of the ordinary, I followed the guidance with a certain sense of amusement. As I was putting my second load in the community washer, the card read "Dead Card". Knowing that it had just worked for drying my first load of clothes, I was frustrated and headed towards the card machine.

As I turned the corner, I saw my neighbor hunched over in the hall, almost collapsed. He was having a low blood pressure event and was close to passing out. I was able to help him back to his apartment, get his medications for him, and make sure he was settled in comfortably. As he told me later, if I hadn't come along at precisely that moment he didn't know what might have happened.

Needless to say, my card worked perfectly when I went back to finish my laundry and has continued to ever since.

Coincidence? I think not. It was a confirmation to me that we are exactly where we need to be in every moment. Everything is happening perfectly and in divine right timing.

It was a reminder, too, that it's essential for us to stay open to guidance and to be willing to follow it. Particularly when it doesn't seem to make much sense.

You are on the ride of your life. Enjoy each and every exquisite moment.

YOU deserve it!

To your wealth and success,

Debbie Friedman


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"Life is what we make it. Always has been. Always will be."

- Grandma Moses



As we're moving through this time of dynamic change, it's essential that we have a team or at the very least someone on our side to help guide us through the transitions and transformations.

You've come a long way, baby, and yet there's still more change lying ahead on this great adventure of Life and Living. A professional coach can be an invaluable guide to keep you on track and focused (and sane!) so that you can stay balanced, free from fear and old default patterns, and move more easily in the changing tides.

If you don't have a coach or know of one, ask friends and colleagues for a recommendation, check out the website of people you resonate with, or ask for referrals as you're connecting with people in your daily life and networking events. There are many options out there with a fit for every budget, so make sure you feel confident with the person you choose to work with. A complimentary session to test the waters is always a good idea.

Here are a few people that I recommend:

Dawn Allen, MA, CDC, is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach who assists businesspeople in creating fulfilling, prosperous lives, and relationships. She is an expert at helping identify blind spots of resistance and the impact it is having on your life. You'll discover simple and practical ways to attract more prosperity, abundance, and love into your life. To receive a complimentary 30-minute consultation with Dawn, you can contact her at 541.608.0508 or visit her website at www.InspiredHeartCoaching.com.

Marion Mayer RN, MS,NP, founder of Women Are Wise, is a Health and Wellness Life Coach. Helping people access their inner wisdom for health and healing has always been an emphasis of her work. Marion helps individuals develop new perspectives and tools for coping with their health or body issues. Learning to listen to the body's wisdom, becoming present to what is, and developing intuitive skills enables you to create peace of mind, and turn challenges into opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. For more information visit www.womenarewise.com or call 310-573-0400 for a complimentary 30-minute session.

If you are interested in becoming a coach, there are many different paths and associations that you can find out more about online. Here's information on a new Professional HealthCoach opportunity:

One of the true joys in life is to earn money doing something you're passionate about that also makes a great contribution in the lives of others. If you are passionate about health AND you would like to earn money helping others with their health, then check out an exciting and unique business venture - Professional Health Coaching via the telephone and internet. For a free HealthCoach demonstration and learn about the HealthCoach Training Course visit www.healthcoachtraining.com/joan or e-mail: Joan@healthcoachtraining.com


"Our attitudes control our lives. Attitudes are a secret power working 24 hours a day for good or bad. It is of paramount importance that we know how to harness and control this great force."

- Tom Blandi, Author




Online Videos:
If we haven't as yet met in person or if we have and you'd like to be renewed, I'm now on video along with some other terrific people.

The Butterfly Gift is a new resource that was launched last month for inspiration, self-improvement and empowerment. I invite you to join me in my interview or the two courses that I offer. Visit www.thebutterflygift.com.

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Website resources:
With all the shifts and changes that we're experiencing so very quickly now, I'm delighted to share some of my favorites with you.

Stephanie Azaria's The Cosmic Path (www.thecosmicpath.com) offers daily insights on what's happening on the planet. The Daily Om (www.dailyom.com) is inspired and you can sign up to receive their daily messages and horoscopes via email. The Dream Manifesto (www.dreammanifesto.com) focuses on manifesting and you can sign up to receive new articles as they're available. Mike Dooley's TUT's Adventurers Club (www.tut.com) is brilliant and you can sign up to receive a Note From the Universe every weekday that's sure to put a smile on your face and wisdom in every step forward as a conscious creator.

Wayne Dyer's Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life is a wonderful gift to give yourself with 81 passages for living the Tao, all in alignment with the paradigm shift that's taking place. It is a powerful and profound book that has changed my life.

The Spontaneous Healing Of Belief by Gregg Braden is another new favorite that is certain to rock your world. Brilliant and a "must read" on my list.


"It is a very funny thing about life - if you refuse to accept anything but the best you very often get it."

- W. Somerset Maugham


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