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If your mind went immediately to the idea of menopause, let me tell you right now that you're my kind of person. The Change. Not "A" Change, but The Change. And, regardless of your gender or age, that's what we're in the middle of on a global level.

Political views aside, we heard the words during the recent election in the United States and people responded.

Change we need. Unite for Change. Change we can believe in.

And as the weeks have passed since the mandate was demonstrated at the polls, we see the acknowledgments. CNN refers to the change in administrations as a "Transition to Power" (emphasis added). AOL chose to title the Obama news page "America in Transition".

Change. Transition. Like it or not, it's on its way. In fact, it's here for us now.

In my opinion, women of a certain age have an advantage of knowing what to expect on some levels. Emotionalism. Intensity. A sense of loss. Wondering where you are and what you're doing. Physical challenges and changes. At times an overwhelming sense of being out of control. Anger and rage at what is no longer acceptable. The inability to pretend that the unacceptable is okay or can be ignored. Priorities changing. Unwilling to abdicate your power.

It's not easy. Often it's not very pretty, convenient or predictable. One thing we know for sure - it's a necessary passage.

My first class lecture at the university I was teaching at comes to mind. As I began to introduce myself, I felt it coming on. If you've never had a hot flash it's nearly impossible to describe, but I can tell you that moment was like a huge wave of heat starting at the top of my head and moving down through my toes. Standing there drenched and soaking wet as I looked out over a sea of horrified faces, I let them know that we were in for a long ride together. It was a joyful journey.

39 and going through what was called an "early" menopause, my doctor refused to give me any help or support until I demanded it. I'll never forget that day - walking out of a class that I was teaching, driving 30 minutes to Beverly Hills, going straight into his office and up to the front counter and in no uncertain terms telling the woman at the front desk, "I want my Premarin and I want it NOW!" I was ready to climb over the counter, but gratefully they responded. The first time in all his years of practice, Sandy (my doctor) took me into his office while he was laughing hysterically to give me my first dose.

My point in bringing this up is that there is no magic pill that someone can give you to take away your symptoms.

Like a tremendous wave of hormonal shifts, our world is going through THE Change. MEN (and women) - 0H - PAUSE!

I encourage you all to PAUSE, take a deep breath and evaluate your life, your circumstances and your daily practices.

My questions to you are: Are you ready? Are you prepared? Are you willing to let go of the comfort zone you've known for so long that simply wasn't working well for the vast majority or are you going to stand in resistance and denial?

In numerology, 2009 is an "11" year, a number of mastery. This is the year to master your lessons in this school of Life on Earth, and to demonstrate your personal power by consciously creating the life you desire and deserve, the life you love to live. As you do, you will be a powerful example to those around you that they can do the same.

2009 is primed to be a dynamic and sensational, almost magical, time for manifestations!

If you're new to these ideas, I encourage you to visit my archived newsletters and to listen to some of the recorded calls and programs that are available.

For those of you who have been with me for a while, you already know what to do. Stop thinking about it and start doing it.

Here are some beginning steps:

1. If it's not working, stop doing it.

2. If it was working and you've stopped doing it (for whatever reason), get back on the train and start moving in the right direction again. Think back to a time when your life was in flow and abundance, maybe even in an incredible state of ecstasy and bliss, and pick up those tools that you may have left behind.

3. Connect with like-minded individuals. Connect with people who have already gone through the change and ask for guidance, experience, strength and hope. I've been preparing for this moment in time for nearly 20 years and there are many others out there like me. Avoid those people who are wallowing, digging a ditch to crawl into, complaining or spreading fear.

I am offering several new groups to connect with and I invite you to join us. If you're new to manifesting or feel the desire to hone your skills, this may be the perfect time. Click here for more information.

4. Choose consciously what you desire for your life. Write out your choices being as clear, definite and specific as possible. Ask the Universe for what you desire. If you don't know where you're going, you may never get there. If you aren't aware of your choices, you'll miss the great opportunity to celebrate them when they show up as a confirmation of how powerful you really are.

5. Stop any negative thought habits and take control of what you're giving your focus and attention to. Remember, your thoughts are the seeds that you are planting in the fertile ground of the quantum field for what you're creating. While you're at it, be sure to turn off the television and stop watching or reading anything negative or fear producing.

6. Choose your words wisely as they're a direct reflection of your beliefs, the unconscious operating system for your life and a clear directive to the Universe for what you choose to experience. Next month I'll be sharing some of the research from Russia on this. The words you speak can literally change your DNA, your genetic potential.

And, a definite relief, lightness, a deep sense of peace, and freedom always comes from the daily practices of gratitude, appreciation, joy, faith and love.

As you raise your vibration with thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions and expressions that are inspired with bliss and joy, you will most certainly SEE and BE the change you've been seeking.

Let's join together to create an absolutely magnificent and outstanding year for all! WE deserve it!

To an abundant, joyful and prosperous New Year for us all,

Debbie Friedman


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"I was about to wish that your every dream for 2009 come true. That you find yourself surrounded by friends, laughter, and good times. I almost wished that your every cup runneth over financially, romantically, spiritually, and creatively. That good health be your faithful companion, peace your guarded ally, and love your perpetual guide. When suddenly, it dawned on me that as an infinite, powerful, fun-loving gladiator of the Universe, with eternity before you and the power of your thoughts to help shape it... it's you who will be granting wishes this year. 10...9...8...7...6...
         The Universe"

- Mike Dooley in TUT...A Note from the Universe



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"You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand."

- Woodrow Wilson



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"You are always free to change your mind and choose a different future, or a different past."

- Richard Bach


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