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ISSUE DATE: December 2009



You've been asking and I've been listening - and FINALLY everything has come together to deliver what you've been desiring.

For those who have been trying to use the Law of Attraction and can't quite get it to work for you…

For those who have been frustrated, feeling stalled and stumped and blocked while others around you may be creating with ease…

For those who are international friends and would like to participate in the live calls when it's not in the middle of the night…

For those who know there's something big going on in the world and want to know what it is and how to deal with the changes…

For those who have had some great successes in manifesting and are ready to capitalize on the powers you've discovered to achieve even more…

The Master Manifesting Programs are here at last!

Since 2002 I've had the great honor and privilege of guiding thousands around the globe to create the life of their dreams and witnessing their lives change, sometimes almost overnight, and often with unprecedented results.

My clients call me the Manifesting Maven and if you've been with me for a while you know I'm candid and honest and straight to the point.

The Master Manifesting program was developed in response to the many requests from my very loyal and loving readers and clients for a more comprehensive program of action for the Manifesting Made Easy process along with examples that they can model in their lives. And now it's here.

This is the time of Mastery. We have just passed through some very intense times, the clearing is done, the road is paved and manifesting is almost instantaneous. Becoming the Master Manifester that you already are is critical.

$12,000 extra in October and another $10,000 extra in November. An expected $300 check that showed up as $2,500. The highest grossing business week ever. Unexpected checks arriving. Turning your life around on a dime and creating enough new business to earn well over $1 million!

Sound impossible or even incredible? Let me tell you these demonstrations happen all the time - even in this economy - and we celebrate them every week in my groups.

"I am convinced Debbie Friedman's Manifesting Made Easy workshop is a main reason why all of my desires are coming true... from starting a family and buying a home, to creating a solid six-figure income and living the life I used to only dream about." - Christine K.

No matter where you are now or what you've been doing, you CAN change your life and make your dreams your reality!

AND you can have it YOUR way! I've created 3 easy affordable options to choose from that lets you be in the drivers' seat of your life and select the way that works best for YOU!

Remember, everything is backed by our No Risk guarantee: if you are unsatisfied for any reason you can request a refund within 30 days and still keep the entire program for yourself! No questions asked.

We've made it easy! Being a Master Manifester is as simple as 1, 2, or 3!

#1: Master Manifesting - The Home Study Edition - **ONLY $47**

For those who like the "do-it-yourself" model, basking in the moments at home to take it all in and apply the tools in your life, this is for YOU!

THREE brand new books, never released, never before seen, that will guide you and show you exactly how to become a Master Manifester!

  • Manifesting IS Easy: The 9-Step Process For The Secret Of Success In The New Paradigm (e-book, 85 pages)
    The definitive guide and comprehensive program of action to Master Manifesting and create the life you love to live - filled with clear guidance, easy to follow directions, and a veritable plethora of actual stories and demonstrations that will show you the way and what you can do NOW!
  • Living In The New Paradigm: An Essential Guide To Creating Wealth In This New Age (e-book, 63 pages)
    Written to help you remember who you are, what is happening at this very pivotal point in time, and how to navigate so you can live freely to enjoy all the great wealth that has already been abundantly provided to you NOW! It is about remembering your power to create wealth - unlimited true wealth - in every area of your life.

    And as an added SPECIAL BONUS:
  • YOU Deserve It! The Best Of Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind (e-book, 112 pages)
    34 classic stories that will warm your heart, enlighten your mind, inspire your life and accelerate your manifesting success NOW!
With instant access, these books will put you on the Royal Road of Success and you can begin enjoying the wisdom immediately!

CLICK HERE to purchase the Master Manifesting series NOW!

(To see all of your Master Manifesting options in one glance, click here.
The books can also be purchased separately by clicking here to visit the store)

"Now I understand why you're such a success as a therapist, coach and mentor. You not only have these principles nailed, but you empathize and teach in a firm yet gentle manner. You are an inspiration to me and thousands. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world." - Janet W.

#2: The DELUXE Master Manifesting Program - **Only $119**

For those of you who have questions you'd like answered and enjoy some personal attention and connection, this is for YOU!

You'll receive all the new 3 books in the Master Manifesting series, PLUS:

  • Manifesting IS Easy: instant download of the exclusive recording with practical wisdom and tools to begin applying the 9-step process in your life NOW!
  • Manifesting: The Step-by-Step Process For The Secret Of Success: instant download of the original deep relaxation and transformation audio program that accelerates your manifesting success

    And as an added SPECIAL BONUS:
  • TWO opportunities for TWO teleconferences/webinars at TWO convenient times with full access to the calls, the replays and the downloads

For those who want to jumpstart and get ready to catapult in 2010:

  • Tuesday December 15th and Wednesday December 16th: Focusing on the Steps, how to apply them in your life and Questions & Answers
    10 am Pacific (for my international friends and those who find it more convenient)
    To check for the time in your area click here
    6 pm Pacific/8 pm Central/9 pm Eastern

For those of you who want a review or a new beginning in 2010:

  • Tuesday January 5th and Wednesday January 6th: Focusing on the Steps, how to apply them in your life and Questions & Answers
    10 am Pacific (for my international friends and those who find it more convenient)
    To check for the time in your area click here
    6 pm Pacific/8 pm Central/9 pm Eastern


  • Group Visioning Sessions - Group visioning has consistently been one of the most powerful tools for accelerated success and what I consider to be an essential skill. You'll get the actual experience, learn the technique through practice and feel the immediate effects! Bring your visions to the group and get the benefits of the amplified activations!
    Saturday December 19th - 10 am Pacific
    Saturday January 9th - 10 am Pacific
    To check for the time in your area click here

CLICK HERE to purchase the Deluxe Master Manifesting series NOW!

(To see all of your Master Manifesting options in one glance, click here.)

"I have to give you a great big Thank you hug for your generosity of the six months of mentoring. I have signed up for the monthly program and look forward to our next call. I also want to give you my heartfelt gratitude for your guidance, love and support over the past nine months. Wowie Zowie, I've come a LONG WAY, Baby!!!!!! You are such an incredible teacher, mentor and beloved friend." - Pattie K.

#3: The SUPER DELUXE Master Manifesting Program - **Only $397**

For those of you who have been asking for some private time, some personal attention, I am dedicating the end of 2009 to YOU! !

You'll receive ALL of the Master Manifesting and DELUXE series PLUS:

  • TWO private one hour phone sessions with me (a $600 value!)
    You can use this time for accelerating your success, clearing out any blocks, streamlining your goals or choose to use one hour with me and receive a personalized audio program CD and mp3 (thank you, Nadia!), or even include a handwriting analysis session!
  • THREE months in the Manifesting Made Easy Mentoring Program (a $90 value!)
    Live calls twice a month to capitalize on the group energy and to hone your master manifesting skills and keep you on solid ground for your success

CLICK HERE to purchase the Super Deluxe Master Manifesting series NOW!

(To see all of your Master Manifesting options in one glance, click here.)

As I said before, this class was definitely for me. And things are really opening up to me. Thank you so very much for offering this class. And I am sending a huge Thank you and blessings to all members of our groups. We are accomplishing wonders!! WOO HOO!!!!!! - Debbie C.

Remember, your satisfaction is guaranteed by our No Risk policy.

Jump in and join me to begin enjoying all the great rich abundance, joy, love, and prosperity that is just waiting for you!

To your wealth and success,

Debbie Friedman



To contact Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht. about speaking events, workshops, interviews or personal sessions through email at debbie@cleaningoutthecloset.com or you can contact her directly at (310) 230-0872.


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