Debbie Friedman,
M.S., C.Ht.
Cleaning Out the Closet
of Your Mind
Manifesting Made Easy

Debbie Friedman, M.S., C.Ht., Transformation Expert and Certified Hypnotherapist is also a behavioral scientist who has turned her attention from the Study of Nature to the Study Of Our Nature as human beings. Drawing on her unique background and training, Debbie has developed revolutionary programs that integrate the latest scientific discoveries with proven success principles. Those fortunate enough to participate in her trainings and seminars have achieved unprecedented results in their personal and professional lives - often leaping over hurdles that have plagued them for years.

Debbie possesses an unshakeable belief that the power to create a rich and fulfilled life - one of true wealth and unlimited success - is within our own hands. Her programs share the secrets of how to tap our own "wellspring within" to manifest our heart's desires. Debbie is a treasure trove of tools and techniques that anyone can use to turn their life or business around in only a few weeks.

As a former Professor of Biology at the university level, Debbie is accustomed to unraveling the invisible laws of the Universe. She now brings that expertise to help us revolutionize our lives, first and foremost by understanding the unconscious workings of our own minds and its influence on our behavior. In a field where the genre is sometimes labeled as mystical or metaphysical, Debbie's work is grounded in sound scientific fact and process. She inspires every audience with enthusiasm, a new sense of power over their circumstances, and practical proven skills for creating a life worth living.  Her work is fun, down-to-earth, and, most importantly, transformational.

A proficient writer, Debbie is the author and creator of the Manifesting Made Easy book and CD and the Cleaning Out The Closet Of Your Mind books and CD series. Her online messages reach and inspire thousands of readers every month around the world.

Debbie's hallmark program, Manifesting Made Easy - Creating The Life You Love To Live is chock full of tools and techniques that enable people to blast through limiting beliefs and behaviors, increase their self-confidence and self-esteem, and intentionally create the life they've always imagined. Students of this internationally popular program are living a life with purpose and passion, free from frustration, lack and fear.   In fact, they achieve remarkable results in such a short period of time they named Debbie the "Manifesting Maven" .

A gifted and inspiring public speaker and trainer, Debbie brings more than twenty years of hands-on experience to the field of personal growth and development. She balances her national speaking and training seminars with a private practice in Southern California where she provides one-on-one sessions, workshops, seminars, and teleconferences on how to consciously and intentionally create a full and rewarding life.