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Discover the nine simple steps to manifesting more wealth, health, love, happiness, and success in your life! This easy-to-understand, straightforward, practical and powerful book guides you through the step-by-step process for the secret of success to transform your life forever as you use the power of attraction to change your dreams into reality and results. This book speaks to every reader from the spiritually advanced to the beginner. If you're ready to live the life you desire and deserve, this book is for YOU!

Soft Cover $12.75
Plus S&H
Ebook $7.75
No S&H
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Journal Your Way to Success!

With this 4-week Success Journal you will:
  • Learn the 5 daily habits that will transform your life
  • Discover the easy way to create true wealth, happiness and freedom
  • Unleash your hidden powers
  • Find out how to live the life you love
  • Create the new road to lasting success
Soft Cover $17.95
Plus S&H
Ebook $12.95
No S&H
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Take Back Control of Your Life!

Have you ever wondered what has held you back from success? This powerful, practical book will help you understand what's going on, what's gone wrong, and what you can do to help you get what you want out of life. If you want to have more money, happiness, success, and health in your life tomorrow, start using this book today!

With these 21 powerful tools you will learn:
  • 21 daily habits that will change your life
  • How to analyze your handwriting and instantly shift your mindset
  • 3 stress tests to find out what is causing yours and what you can do about it
  • 12 words to let go of forever
  • How to let go of resentment and gain acceptance
  • How to forgive and gain inner peace
  • How to create the life you desire and deserve
Soft Cover $19.95
Plus S&H
Ebook $14.95
No S&H
Instant Download! www

Walking with the Wise features 70 inspirational mentors and millionaires including such notables as Mark Victor Hansen, Tom Hopkins, Dan Kennedy, Cynthia Kersey, Mike Litman, Eric Lofholm, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Corey Rudl, Brian Tracy, Dotie Walters, Zig Ziglar and Debbie Friedman, C.Ht., sharing the secrets to prosperity in business and life. Five unique sections cover overcoming obstacles, how your thinking determines your life, business success, personal health, and family.


Can You Really Have the Life You Want? What's your dream? Financial stability and success? Love, and a loving family life? Being the CEO of a prospering company? True peace of mind? Whatever you seek--and perhaps have found elusive--can be yours. That's the message of these women, many of them much like you, who have blazed the trail to fulfillment. In this book, 40 real women reveal proven strategies for personal, business, financial, and spiritual fulfillment that will put you firmly on the fast track to achieving the life of your dreams.

Soft Cover $19.95
Plus S&H

Manifesting IS Easy
The definitive guide and comprehensive program of action to Master Manifesting and create the life you love to live - filled with clear guidance, easy to follow directions, and a veritable plethora of actual stories and demonstrations that will show you the way and what you can do NOW! (85 pages)

Ebook $47.00
No S&H

Written to help you remember who you are, what is happening at this very pivotal point in time, and how to navigate so you can live freely to enjoy all the great wealth that has already been abundantly provided to you NOW! It is about remembering your power to create wealth - unlimited true wealth - in every area of your life. (63 pages)

Ebook $29.00
No S&H

34 classic stories that will warm your heart, enlighten your mind, inspire your life and accelerate your manifesting success NOW!
(112 pages)

Ebook $29.00
No S&H

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"After having listened to Debbie's Magnetizing Wealth CD, I began to notice an increase in business. At first I didn't think much about it, and yet now I have plenty of work to do. The greatest thing about it is that it has been effortless, I haven't advertised at all, the business just keeps coming in! I had at least a 50% increase in income in the first month!"

- Leigh Spusta, C.Ht.


"Wow! Debbie Friedman's Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth series took me places I've never been before. I had the comfort of my own home while feeling as if I was in the most beautiful hypnotherapy session I could imagine. I feel totally relaxed and confident that I can create a life I only now dream about."

- Jody Seidler, Founder, Making Lemonade


"Debbie's Magnetizing Wealth CD is great! She has a unique and innovative style, blending hypnosis, imagery, and spirituality. I recommend this CD to anyone with a desire to increase their wealth."

- Anna Coy, Author "


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