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"Thank you for a most excellent experience that will help me understand more fully the wisdom and teachings of the Law of Prosperity, the power of the word, and the attitudes of wealth. Thank you!"

- M. Utley

  "Debbie Friedman's luminous voice, suffused with wisdom and calm, lead me into a state of deep relaxation and self - awareness. I feel blessed to have found her work and more blessed to have her guidance working for me in my life."

- Beth Davis, Hand Analyst and Life Coach
  "I would like to thank you for a truly inspiring, uplifting, and exquisite course. It has truly helped me to move some inner mountains …I am truly, truly grateful."

- M. Mayer
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Do you have all the wealth you desire and deserve? Are you ready to create true abundance and success in all areas of your life TODAY? There's good news: it's easier than you think!

In November 2002, acclaimed hypnotherapist and wealth manifesting coach Debbie Friedman found an unlabelled audiocassette in her office that contained a magical step-by-step process for manifesting unlimited success, along with an inspired guided experience. This audiocassette was in her own voice, even though she had no memory of recording it! Debbie's gifted information has transformed the lives of thousands and it is now available to you!

Learn the amazing 9-step process of manifestation that will change your life forever as you begin to consciously create the life of your dreams.

Manifesting Made Easy is the book that guides you through the process as Debbie helps you discover the nine simple steps to manifesting more wealth, health, love, happiness, and success in your life! This easy-to-understand, straightforward, practical and powerful book guides you through the step-by-step process for the secret of success to transform your life forever as you use the power of attraction to change your dreams into reality and results. This book speaks to every reader from the spiritually advanced to the beginner.

Manifesting: The Step-by-Step Process for the Secret of Success CD allows you to experience the magical process in the guided experience as it was received on the original audiocassette! As you expand your consciousness and your skills at manifesting, you can tap into the limitless abundance of the Universe with ease.

Your complete gift pack includes:
  • The Manifesting Made Easy book
  • The Manifesting: The Step-by-Step Process for The Secret of Success CD!
  • Personalized for that special person in your life
  • Autographed by the author
  • Wrapped in a holiday box with a gold ribbon
  • Personal greeting card enclosed
  • Shipped to your home or theirs

Give a unique and personalized gift that is
priceless in value as your loved ones begin
to create the life they love to live!"

(Please include the name of the person that the book is for
and the special greeeting for the accompanying card
in the "Comments" section of the "Buy Now" Order Form.)

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"My husband and I sat down and drew on a piece of paper the type of Arizona retreat we would like to have. It included some very crazy but very specific requests, including things like a half-built building that we could finish ourselves, a place to have dog kennels and a photography studio, along with enough land to build another house at a price we could afford with a no-money down real estate deal. Using Debbie's techniques, we actually manifested the PERFECT home retreat within 6 hours of making the request to the Universe. Thank you, Debbie, for showing us exactly how to manifest what we want quickly and effortlessly."

- Stephanie Frank, author of The Accidental Millionaire


"This was a very loving, nurturing, supportive and transformational experience. I loved the convenience of being able to do it in my own home!" - Lori L.

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