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"Awesome! Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind is a series of CDs that will help you obtain true wealth and abundance by enlightening the subconscious mind."

- Mark Victor Hansen Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul ® and Co-author, The One Minute Millionaire

"If you're ready to transform your life and create financial freedom and unlimited success, Debbie Friedman's Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind is for you. Debbie has helped others get healthier, wealthier, and have the life of their dreams. I know she'll help you, too."

- Robert G. Allen, New York Times #1 best-selling Author of Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, and Multiple Streams of Internet Income

"My husband and I sat down and drew on a piece of paper the type of Arizona retreat we would like to have. It included some very crazy but very specific requests, including things like a half-built building that we could finish ourselves, a place to have dog kennels and a photography studio, along with enough land to build another house at a price we could afford with a no-money down real estate deal. Using Debbie's techniques, we actually manifested the PERFECT home retreat within 6 hours of making the request to the Universe. Thank you, Debbie, for showing us exactly how to manifest what we want quickly and effortlessly."

- Stephanie Frank, author of The Accidental Millionaire

"Debbie Friedman is a master at teaching her craft. Her exercises/approach will bring magic into your life to help you create whatever you desire. Debbie's course in manifestation is the real thing! You will learn simple but powerful exercises that propel your life to new levels, fulfilling your heart's desires."

- Hyla Cass, M.D., Author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health: A Woman’s Take-Charge Program to Correct Imbalances, Reclaim Energy, and Restore Well-Being

"Debbie Friedman has created a wonderful CD for magnetizing wealth. It's relaxing, soothing, and uplifting as she guides you to the empowering beliefs that make you wealthier in every area of your life. Listen and you'll be glad you did!"

- Chellie Campbell, Author of The Wealthy Spirit and Creator of the Financial Stress Reduction Workshop

"Debbie’s CDs are heavenly! Her voice and her teachings are the most relaxing luxury I can recommend! And, one of the most incredible byproducts of her work is that you will be hyper enthusiastic about cleaning out every nook and corner of your surroundings. If you think you’re already organized, put on your seat belt! You’re in for a jolt... an awakening!"

- Linda Sivertsen, Author of Lives Charmed: Intimate Conversations with Extraordinary People and the West Coast Editor of Balance magazine

"Debbie Friedman's Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth system has transformed my life. I've always had exciting goals and plans but until I started listening to this 8-CD package I had so much negative self talk in my head, I could always come up with a million reason why NOT to do something. Taking that first step was always fraught with fear. Every night I listen to one of the soothing CDs before drifting comfortably to sleep. I can't believe how quickly wonderful things are manifesting. It's amazing! The money and opportunities flowing into my life now are things I only dreamed of just a few short weeks ago. Wow! Get it and get ready for abundance to come pouring into your life."

- Denise Michaels, Author of forthcoming book, Testosterone Free Marketing

"Debbie Friedman's CD series, Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth is the Fast Track to incredible results. Debbie has a unique and original approach that pays attention to the details that help you manifest what you really want in your life. With Debbie's guidance, I feel my feet are firmly on the ground as I reach for vision to the heavens. Her meditations take me to a magical place far beyond my mind and into my heart's desires. Thank you!"

- Maureen O'Crean, co-author, I Am Diva, Every Woman's Guide To Outrageous Living

"I met Debbie Friedman at one of her wonderful seminars and purchased several of her inspiring CD's. Debbie has truly helped me transform my life with her remarkable wisdom of passion and love for people. Her CD's "Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind" have not only been uplifting and positive, but have also been a tool for me to use in helping my client's get organized. I'm thrilled to be able to share how excited I am about Debbie's fantastic CD's."

- Rachel M. Sparks, Sparks Organizing Services

"After having listened to Debbie's Magnetizing Wealth CD, I began to notice an increase in business. At first I didn't think much about it, and yet now I have plenty of work to do. The greatest thing about it is that it has been effortless, I haven't advertised at all, the business just keeps coming in! I had at least a 50% increase in income in the first month!"

- Leigh Spusta, C.Ht.

"I have been a private client of Debbie Friedman's and I have used her Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth CDs. Once you've worked with Debbie on a one-on-one basis, it makes the CDs all the more effective. Your subconscious recognizes her beautiful tone and words, and seems to immediately put you into a blissful state. This makes the whole process click and work. Debbie's intuitive nature gives us the gift of her knowing the right words that will work. Since I began my prosperity work with Debbie, I have set up a complete personal fitness gym at my home with equipment that was given to me FREE and my income has increased 200%!

- Dee Sweet-Slade, Fitness Trainer

"What a wonderful, as well as healing, CD. I was so gently guided, and yet self-guided, too. I am so pleased you followed and trusted in your power to make these CDs. I want to tell you that sharing your gifts helps me to share my own.....THANK YOU."

- Charles Jepson, Massage Therapist

"Wow! Debbie Friedman's Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth series took me places I've never been before. I had the comfort of my own home while feeling as if I was in the most beautiful hypnotherapy session I could imagine. I feel totally relaxed and confident that I can create a life I only now dream about."

- Jody Seidler, Founder, Making Lemonade

"Debbie's Magnetizing Wealth CD is great! She has a unique and innovative style, blending hypnosis, imagery, and spirituality. I recommend this CD to anyone with a desire to increase their wealth."

- Anna Coy, Author

"Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind helped me open to see new possibilities for myself and my life. It allowed me to release old thoughts that I didn't even know were holding me back. Thank you, Debbie."

- Christine Kloser Founder, Network for Empowering Women Entrepreneurs (NEW)

"Debbie Friedman's luminous voice, suffused with wisdom and calm, lead me into a state of deep relaxation and self-awareness. I feel blessed to have found her work and more blessed to have her guidance working for me in my life."

- Beth Davis, Hand Analyst and Life Coach

"I absolutely love the Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth CD Series. Debbie's soothing voice, the powerful imagery and practical tools really enabled me to literally clean out my closet, car and clutter to a more prosperous life. As a life coach, I plan to use this in my workshops and recommend the series to my private clients.

- Deborah Cujino-Deras, Coach and President
Passionate Living NOW!

"Debbie Friedman's CD series, Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind for Wealth is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself or another, especially if you are not able to make the time to have Debbie work with you personally on a one- on-one basis. I have had the opportunity to experience both, with such positive results on many levels! I highly recommend her and will continue to proudly refer many friends and contacts her way!"

- Deborah Koppel Mitchell, Publisher
Spheres, Women's Circles Publication

"Imagine having the opportunity to spend time, whenever you wanted, with a professional hypnotherapist who would focus on expanding your prosperity. This is what is available through Debbie Friedman's Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind CD's, and all for the price of one CD. Her affirmations are strong and powerful, possibly even the best around, and you'll find yourself feeling relaxed!"

- Lorrie Kazan

"I wanted to share with you my experience of Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind.

When I first started listening to the CD it helped me to relax, and stay focused on my goal of manifesting abundance.

It has helped me to raise my level of consciousness from scarcity to abundance. It has empowered me to be more conscious of my thoughts. I feel so much more in charge of my thinking. Therefore, more confident, grounded, and that I have a choice on how to choose my thoughts. It has helped me to be more visual. To see myself living in a life of abundance, and deserving an abundant life as well. It is a great tool for me to use daily to transform my thoughts, and maintain a higher level of thinking.

I look forward to hearing more of your CDs."

With much Love and Respect,
- Robyn Chemrinow, Los Angeles Businesswoman

"Debbie Friedman's new CD series empowers you to improve the quality of your life. This series has had a positive life-altering affect on my life. I was unaware of the negative messages I still carried around in my sub-conscience mind. This series helped me remove those old negative messages and replace them with new empowering, positive ones. I will always grateful to Debbie for sharing her gift."

- Nanc Corbin, Realtor

""I am convinced Debbie Friedman's Manifesting Made Easy workshop is a main reason why all of my dreams are coming true…from pregnancy to financial freedom.""

- Christine Kloser Founder, NEW Entrepreneurs, Inc.

"The course was transformative. I feel that I was given a set of tools that I will use every day of my life. The course is like an anti-fear vaccine. Debbie's warmth and integrity guide you along a river of manifestation…she takes you through the whitewater of your resistance like an expert guide navigates the mighty Colorado. Take the damn course!"

- C. Ragazzo

"Thanks so much for the instrumental and inspirational teleclass on wealth and prosperity!! I really enjoyed working with your awesome ideas, and am applying them as much as possible--they are so interesting and uplifting. Your positive energy and effort to share your own "rich gifts" is wonderful! "

- Many blessings, Sandra

"She TEACHES you HOW to learn new habits and lovingly holds your hand as you release old ones. Truly the cobwebs of your past and subconscious are lovingly swept away…Debbie and her tools of how Manifesting Is Made Easy are better than a Hoover upright for the cobwebs of your subconscious thought forms!"

- S. Turk

"I would like to thank you for a truly inspiring, uplifting, and exquisite course. It has truly helped me to move some inner mountains …I am truly, truly grateful."

- M. Mayer

"I have the most amazing story (or stories) to tell you! I purchased your Cleaning Out the Closet of Your Mind CD's in 2/03, started using them in 3/03 and then the most amazing things began to happen (both good and bad.) But I accepted the bad things because I just knew that God and the universe had better things ahead for me, so I ended up landing a new position, a new life and lots of incredible adventures. I just haven't had the time to tell you! Or email you all my stories! I have SO MUCH to tell you Debbie! Thank you, thank you, I shall continue to listen to your incredible CD's!"

- M. DiLallo

"This workshop allowed me to lay the foundation for my new way of living my life!"

- H. Young

"This workshop was a catalyst for me. The breadth and scope of the material is impressive. You really have something here, Debbie. You will help many people transform their consciousness and improve their lives."

- D. Saint-Claire

"Thank you for a most excellent experience that will help me understand more fully the wisdom and teachings of the Law of Prosperity, the power of the word, and the attitudes of wealth. Thank you for this great workshop!"

- M. Utley

"The Manifesting Made Easy Program changed my vision forever! I am on a new course in my life - focused, with an abundance of new tools to make them all happen. Thank you!"

- J. Gordon-Donahue

"Over the past 20 years I have formally been introduced to prosperity books, exercises and participated in workshops. One prosperity workshop was approximately 5 months. Although I am grateful for everything and realize that things have a cumulative effect, I have not made such lasting changes in my daily habits and thoughts as I experienced with your training, Debbie. Since I completed your 8 week "Cleaning Out The Closet of Your Mind Manifesting Made Easy Workshop", my life is only getter better with each day passing. I get up excited about my life and I see new opportunities opening everywhere I turn. My income continues to increase and my joy factor is going off the charts. I believe this work with you is an essential part of one's transformation. The changes in me are incredible!"

- With gratitude, Dr. Ruth Z.

"I'm still reading and re-reading, your material is absolutely stunning, and the more I read, the more I realize that you definitely know your stuff, inside out, backwards, forward every which way!! I have learnt an almight lot from you, for which I will be eternally grateful. Your CDs are amazing!!!! I really don't think one can listen to them too often!!! You always learn something new, no matter how often you listen - you always seem to have missed something previously. Wow, hot stuff girlie!!!"

- V. Sherman

"A little update.... on THE dress!!! I went back to the boutique to try on the dress ..........IT WAS GONE!!! and it would take approximately 6 weeks to have a new one made as the silk had to be dyed and then woven into the pattern with the different colors ...... I nearly wept!!! But then a strange kind of peace came over me and I realized that perhaps I just wasn't meant to have that dress for this particular occasion and that I (?/the Universe) had created it for someone else!!! and yet I just know that somewhere down the line I will have that dress, after all it is MY dress- maybe my next wedding/marriage!!! Stranger things have happened!!!"

So I did the placemat technique again for the perfect outfit and also asked for a clear, specific and definite sign regarding the perfect outfit. My friend Angie called me yesterday to say that we were going to go to L.A. today, to find an outfit for me. as her boss had given her the day off (!!!), I really didn't feel like going, but knew that this was a sign. I then did a technique Heidi taught me about ...It is commanded that...etc!!! (I am sure when you see her she will tell you about it as well... very interesting...) Long story short. We went to the Fashion district (!!! !!!) today. (Remember me telling you how many times we had "tried" to go before??? Wow!!! What an enormous place!!!

We parked the car and went into one store, interesting... found one dress that would be suitable at a pinch. Went to another store, nothing, went into the third store and found a beautiful deep cream long dress with matching jacket with scalloped lacy edging around the bottom and very lightly beaded around the scallops and edges of said jacket, the beading is tiny tiny light cream round beads and coppery/gold (!!! ???) bugle beads, and also the same very light beading on the bodice of the dress. Tried it on...it looked great!!! Bought it ...$89.00!!! Three stores down was a shoe store carrying Italian and Spanish shoes. Found cream shoes with almost identical lace and beading on the toes of the shoes, ($29.95) and there we found a cream clutch purse ($29.95) with almost identical very light beading as the dress!!! and shoes!!! Angie swears that they were all made to match!!! All within ONE HOUR!!! And all within that tiny radius!!! Go figure!!! !!! !!! Is what you teach powerful or what??? ??? ??? !!! !!! Three techniques - three days - three perfect items!!! !!! !!! Seriously though, without the techniques what would the chances have been of everything falling into place so incredibly quickly, easily and effortlessly. I mean really!!! ... I'm sure you've been to the Fashion District - Realistically how many stores are there? I mean we had a map, and a printout with 100's of stores!!! I really thought it was going to take days!!! In UNDER an hour!!! For $150.00 !!!???!!!??? Magic Happens!!! !!! When you let it!!! !!!"

- Val S.

"I'm impressed by your professional integrity…in fact, I know it's more than just professional polish or drive and perfectionism. You are truly an Advancing Soul…and an outstanding one in my mind. I thank you and the universe that I met you in this century and zip code!"

- L. Usher

"Just a very quick note to say "Ja Bonga Kakuloo" which translated from Zulu (the native language of the Province of KwaZulu in South Africa) means "An Enormous Thank You", for allowing me to be part of these fantastic last nine weeks!!! It has truly been an uplifting, eye-opening, exciting, phenomenal and spiritual experience. Your openness and "willing to share everything" and 100% supportive attitude is what makes you a true and exciting leader, and also your knowledge of your subject is just stunning!!! Your amazing intuitiveness in saying exactly the right thing, at exactly, the right time is incredible!!! I just wanted to say that this is the first workshop that I have participated in, and I mean participated in. I have been on many conference calls, and attended many workshops and seminars, and have been just completely silent. So again, thank you for that!!!

There just are not enough words in the English language (and any other for that matter!!!) to describe just how wonderful you and your work are!!! You are an exceptional human being!!! I just know that you will go from phenomenal success to phenomenal success!!! I feel very privileged just to know you!!!

I wish I could have had a pictorial journal of myself before and after your program!!! I am just not the same person!!! Not mentally, not physically and not spiritually!!! I am so proud of myself!!! !!! Again, amazing lady ... Thank You!!! Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

- V. Sherman

"Debbie is a wealth of information and she has such a calming voice and reassuring demeanor that it is easy to listen and learn and try the suggestions she makes. Thanks again."

- Gratefully, Nancy Long

"I have been listening to your CD before I get out of bed as a guided meditation and I am filled with Spirit throughout the day. Thank you so very much."

- Lisa S.

"In working with Debbie on unclogging many of the "constipations" in my life, I have become a more vibrant, emotionally available woman. Through a process of centering, awareness development and meditation, I now have the tools I need to not only function more effectively in my daily life, but also bring more of the essence of love into the presence of all those around me. She is a blessing which needs no disguise."

- Cynthia V.

"Since I started hypnotherapy with you in September of 2002, I have been impressed with your knowledge, your confidence in applying that knowledge, your commitment to your work, and your unfailing ability to understand whatever problems I bring to a session. You have the wonderful ability to stay in the moment, to offer encouragement at just the right time, to laugh with me at some of my absurdities and to help me see them, and to express your caring in a most sincere way. Thank you!"

- Janice B.

"This course taught me in a practical way that nurturing and expanding my intuitive skills is an essential part of my personal growth. Thank you for providing this opportunity! Oh yeah, you ROCK as a facilitator!"

- Monica H.

"You can not put a price on what you will receive from this work. I was able to exceed all of the goals I set for this class and truly reaped the benefits."

- Dr. Ruth Ziemba

"Debbie offers so many tools in the material presented over the short span of the course that it takes some time afterward to digest and personalize it all. It's such potent information that when one starts incorporating any part of it into daily life, she/he comes to know very quickly how true and significant the tools really are. It's life changing stuff!"

- Laural U.

"All I can say is…WOW! Debbie Friedman is FANTASTIC! It was an incredible hour of information and insights. Thanks again!"

- Cynthia S.

"Debbie you were fabulous on our Rich Living Way call today. Everything you talked about coincides with my studies of Buddhist theories of good thoughts and actions. It also goes along with my belief that none of it is "mental", but is in fact all scientific. Even Einstein believed in a higher power and I think it all works together if we just let it. Many thanks for your very positive hour. I am putting into action all that you shared and this time plan on sticking to it by using your techniques. You made my da!"

- Landria O.

" I wish I hadn't waited so long - I have SO loved this!"

- Sara M.

" This was just what I needed to 'do less' and receive more. I learned how to attract what I chose, rather that will, force or make things happen. I fully intend to use what I learned for the rest of my life. Plus, I got my husband to do this work and will be sharing it with many others."

- Christine K..

" This experience has been brilliant. I always felt the need to study/open my mind in a spiritual sense like this, I'm just so grateful I had the opportunity to meet you. I can now say I have seen first hand how powerful our minds and words actually are. I am forever changed and my life will never be the same. It's just not possible, nor is it desirable. I'm motivated and I intend to inspire others in the same way you've inspired me."

- Nicole S.

"This workshop has really been life-changing for me in terms of how I perceive my day to day and long term goals. I intend to integrate the tools I learned here in every aspect of my life. Those tools are so simple yet very profound for me and represent new ways of living. I feel as if I really have been shown tools for success!"

- Gwenn V.

"The value of this workshop cannot be measured in money. It is worth far more than the minimal cost of attendance."

- Meri Anne W.

" This was a very loving, nurturing, supportive and transformational experience. I loved the convenience of being able to do it in my own home!"

- Lori L.

"The process of changing from habits that are no longer serving us to new habits that truly serve us is a major undertaking. With your program I was able to do that. The combination of weekly interactions and journal writing/reading and other practices made these changes occur more smoothly in my life. You are a gifted facilitator who created a safe place for change to occur. Thanks!"

- Shawn M.



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