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To view the current edition of this illuminating and inspired magazine, visit www.thepowerplayermag.com
  For free downloadable spiritual self help ebooks for meditation, self-improvement and empowerment, to unleash your power for fulfillment and successful, prosperous living, I recommend a visit to Absolute1.

With The Dreamspring Institute you can experience metasonic subliminal technology, the most powerful subliminal technology in the world - a technology so powerful it's backed by a 365-day risk free guarantee.
  With a mission of "gifting books and music worldwide", the I Am Foundation offers a wide range of books for the cost of shipping only! Save money on your favorite books and support a worthy cause at the same time by visiting I Am Foundation.
  Wallace Wattles wrote his famous book The Science Of Getting Rich and Rebecca Fine has developed a site that will support you in bringing Wally home in your everyday life at ScienceOfGettingRich.net
  Gregg Braden, author of The Isaiah Effect and other books, has a uniquely straightforward way of "bridging the wisdom of our past with the science of our future". Full of practical wisdom (including the Lost Mode of Prayer), this site is interesting, informative and intriguing. GreggBraden.com
  Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of The Message From Water series of books, is best known for his work on water molecules and how what we think, say, and do affects the crystalline structure of water. Given that we are 75% water, this information and the amazing photos are powerful reminders to us all to remain conscious of our thoughts… Hado.net
  Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief, is a respected scientist who provides the scientific evidence to show how our beliefs change the world we see reflected around us. For the serious skeptic that needs to see "proof", this website is full of resources that will shift your consciousness. BruceLipton.com
  Dr. Candace Pert, author of Molecules of Emotion, has been a guiding force in helping us understand that negative emotions create toxins in our bodies, while positive emotions create empowering, healing chemicals that support us. Dr. Pert illuminates for us all the new paradigm of healing and psychosomatic wellness. CandacePert.com
  Our physical health is essential to our balance, happiness and well-being. Dr. Hyla Cass is a recognized expert in her field, helping people to find natural solutions for mind, body, and spirit. Her latest book 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health: A Woman's Take-Charge Program to Correct Imbalances, Reclaim Energy, and Restore Well-Being has all the health information women want to know about hormones, moodswings, thyroid, adrenal, candida, chronic fatigue, environmental toxins, and weight management. To learn more and to sign up for her health news e-letter, visit CassMD.com
  With a focus on Nutritional and Environmental Medicine based upon your comprehensive biochemistry results, this site is not only fun but has a wealth of information to help treat the cause rather than the symptoms of what ails us: ApneaSleep-SnoringTreatments.com
  The Institute of Heartmath conducts cutting edge research on managing stress, the importance of balance in our lives, and the research behind the power of our emotions in creating our reality. For more information, visit Heartmath.com
  One of the most profound movies of our time, What The Bleep Do We Know?!, starring Marlee Matlin, blends the science of modern day with the universal truths for conscious creation in a delightful story with wisdom and relevance. This movie is now available on DVD for your home enjoyment. To learn more about the movie, the science, the wisdom and the people who can help you understand even more, visit WhatTheBleep.com
  We all know about the mind-body connection, and Marion Mayer is a gifted woman who brings it all together with energy healing, life coaching, and women's circles and blessings. To find out more, visit her website at WomenAreWise.com
  Just as the energy of our thoughts attracts prosperity to us, the energy of our physical environment is a key to our rich success! Learn about the ancient art of Feng Shui and what you can do to create the prosperity you deserve from Karen Rauch Carter, the author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life. FengShuiPalace.com
  Are you ready to move from chaos to clarity? Is clutter in your life holding you back from success? When your environment is cluttered and in chaos, so is your mind. When your environment becomes ordered, your mind demands the same clarity and you can then more easily consciously create the life of your dreams. It's also true that as you clear out the clutter from your mind (through the use of the tools I've created, for example), your mind requires that your environment be cleared to be in alignment. If you need help gaining freedom in your physical environment, there are some wonderfully talented Organizers that I recommend: Jessica Duquette at InPerfectOrder.com Rachel Sparks at SparksOrganizing.com Jenny LeBel and Stephanie Swink at OrganizingAngels.com
  Leadership Development Training Programs - Innovative, engaging and highly effective executive leadership training programs focusing on emotional intelligence by True North Leadership, Inc.

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